11 January 2012


If I had the need and the funds-it would be:


Ideal, a ladylike uniform-in black and white a cameo, gloves, a sturdy pair of shoes, trousers- sans booties.
Alber Elbaz knows women like to look feminine, smart- smart, feminine, smart. This Pre Fall collection is all that. Remember it was MADAME JEANNE LANVIN that gave us this marker-with a little help from her friend Paul Iribe.

 & this-

LANVIN, 1924 & 1927
images from the MET
& below-
her own very of the moment Art Deco bathroom

&  the thoroughly smart- and modern, as in 21st century modern, Lee Miller wearing LANVIN in 1931.

photograph by Hoyningen Huene

 Hold your breath and go to the Selby to see this- ( LANVIN here)
Vogue's review here



  1. Yes, love Lanvin but sadly own not a single piece. I would wear that second outfit everywhere!!

  2. So timeless, chic, elegant! Classic ensembles! Oh I do love her deco bath!

    All the Best!

    Art by Karena

  3. Q- I have a couple of vintage things. I love what AE does always, as I said I regret not having the bucks to buy-even on sale! but yes the 2nd look is multipurposing to be sure. I am going to sew some this spring! The top is doable, I think??

    K- agreed, and the interiors of LANVIN are still some of my favorites.

    I do wonder why the cameos did not have someting of the IRIBE design in them-that would have been stunning and very desirable. pgt

  4. I especially like her vintage pieces- such timeless beauty. And that bath...

  5. I think this is perfect.

    Seeing each of these images and thinking about them excites the mind and confers a lasting, durable feeling of well-being.




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