28 January 2012

moving pictures: Midnight in Paris

making appearances

"The best of America drifts to Paris. The American in Paris is the best American. It is more fun for an intelligent person to live in an intelligent country. France has the only two things toward which we drift as we grow older—intelligence and good manners."

Zelda & Scott

"If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast."

Hemingway,far left

 "Paris loves lovers, for lovers it's heaven above
Paris tells lovers, love is supreme, wake up your dream and make love
Only in Paris one discovers the urge to merge with the splurge of the spring
Paris loves lovers for lovers know that love is everything"


Juan Belmonte

J’ai deux amours…..Mon pays et Paris.
(I have two loves…..my country and Paris.)

Josephine Baker

"America is my country and Paris is my hometown."

Gertrude & Alice 



Dali,2nd from l.seated. Buñuel,top far r.Man Ray, top far l.

T.S. Eliot

Matisse, seated


Leo Stein



Degas,at left

a must see-


Nominated for Best Picture, Best Director & Best Screenplay



  1. you know....
    every time i have to leave paris...
    i cry.

    my wish is to live my life there-
    until my end.

    xx lovely week-end to you

  2. loved that movie!
    Now who would you like to meet at "Minuit a Paris?"

  3. This is why I relish following you...This is one of my most favorite movies. Il est si facile de tomber en amour avec! Continuer le travail exceptionnel.

  4. I love the movie, don't see flicks much at the theatre-this would have been fun to see on the big screen. Woody Allen is the top.

  5. Love this collection of images...we are on the same wavelength...I have been looking at similar images, and the period, and here they are here! I love that synchronicity. Love your posts.

  6. Phillip-I am flattered to be on the same wave with You. It is an era I love-though like Adriana in the movie-I think I might desire to stay in the Belle Epoque! pgt

  7. May I elbow into that wave length ? Is it like a radio station.....lots of people can "tune in"??

    Rules? applications?

    I have always loved "Woody" movies; and and I am so old; I have only seen them on the big screen. And I have seen all of them!!!

    (I think there will be a backlash back to the theaters) and "THAT big screen" So much better!

    "Midnight in Paris" ; that picture was magical. Woody has proven his total and complete genius in film writing. I loved his interview on PBS today (recorded a couple of years ago) !. He was asked if he "cared what people thought of his personal life" (I am going to have to find a transcript of this I can print out!)

    He said, Can you imagine the life you would lead if you relied on the opinions of others? It would be a very inauthentic life!

    That was the "jist" of it.I did not get it right. it is so brilliantly said.....I was driving and could not write down. silly me! don't need to!.

    ...but you have to find it and read it. or listen to it. It is one of the most brilliant.....if not the most brilliant comments about living your life as "YOUR" life....and that darling Terry Gross goes right in there asking about "Soon-YI"! And he answers. I am sure it is on NPR Fresh Air, and Woody Allen. I am doing it tomorrow and framing it!

    I adore your blog. so many great comments.....and your posts are wonderful!

    Great interview....and I LOVED this movie beyond! So glad it is nominated!

    (I think I grew up with all these people.....Hemingway, Fitzgerald,all of them......and I am convinced that I had a wonderful time with them at a great party! In the most divine house!

    That is film magic. True film magic.

    He said it better than I translated......forget the quotation marks. just listen to this interview....Fresh Air Terry Gross Bob Dylan. I am printing it out it is sooooo good!

    .....I was driving.....this was on NPR..

    It remains a brilliant and true statement. It was on "Fresh Air" with Terry Groww. google it and listen!

    Woody talking about himself......and how he has lived his life; one of the very best I have heard. I REALLY loved his description of himself as a child and in school. I never even thought about any of that; but when he talks about it; it is inspiring and very , very honest and authentic.

    One of the greats!

    1. Will look into that interview too. Thanks Penelope. And YES-as always your Tuning IN is a Joy. I love your additions to the posts and insights. I agree wholeheartedly about WA. I have been introducing my nephew, age 22 to his catalog this winter. I watched this one with my mother (age 82) brother 58-and nephew 22-It crosses all ages! pgt

  8. Just finished reading Truly Wilde...about Dolly, Oscar's niece. Have you read it?

    1. Shelley-this sounds great I am going to look into it ASAP.

  9. In your Surrealist group portrait, don't forget that you also have Tristan Tzara, Paul Eluard, Max Ernst and Rene Crevel in row 1 and Hans Arp, Yves Tanguy and Andre Breton in row 2. A veritable "murderer's row" of art talent. The Fitzgerald quote both intrigues and saddens me. I don't think things are like that any more or that they ever will be again in terms of being able to drift anywhere in a quest to find manners or intelligence that might have a predictably successful outcome. People continue to age, but in front of the same self-referential Facebook pages and horrible television shows, and humor has pretty much declined into occasionally amusing hostile sarcasm. Curtis

    1. Curtis-well said. It you have not seen the movie, Your comments will be even more pointed after a viewing. WA suggests that we occupy our "time" and as a way of making it more palatable romanticize other eras-and in turn those inhabitants did the same. Our ordinary lives-whether rich or famoous- seem "less than" though we have the capacity-at least some of Us to greatness. It is a fascinating movie on multiple levels. pgt

  10. I have never felt so in love wandering around a city in my life. I spent three weeks in Paris in my late twenties and every time I think about it, I feel that love in my heart again. I will look for and listen to the Woody Allen interview on NPR that Penelope mentions above. Lovely string of posts, PGT. BTW, I think this spring we are seeing the best couture in years!!!! Amazing. OX

  11. & the movie captures that perfectly. I could see the well known paintings of Paris coming to life in the slow languid opening scenes of this movie-just as WA intended us to do. I am going to track down the interview too. pgt

  12. One of the best movies I have seen in a long, long time. Wish it would win more awards. Have you ever read about Gerald and Sara Murphy? The book "Everybody was so YoungJ" is such a good book. It's about them and many of the artists mentioned in the movie, and of course Paris as well as the French Rivera. Fascinating couple, fascinating lives they lived.

  13. I loved this movie for its artistry, the characters, integrating so many I respect from the past into the Paris experience.

    Art by Karena



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