09 January 2012

What makes YOU tick?

& What ticks YOU OFF?

no 1 has made me Mad----Just wondering?

this wonderful photograph by Angus McBean, 1983.



  1. Sorry! I am a big fan of yours...what made you mad?

    Just wondering!

  2. Penelope- Nothing at all- I did make a note under the end of the photograph that I was not mad -I am just inquiring. I have been thinking about my readers and how inundated they are with information- Myself included. It seems overwhelming- and I wonder what they really enjoy doing-what they like to read, and what they find annoying-That's it, a Sort of Poll I suppose! All is well. PGT

  3. last night watched PBS fab "masterpiece theatre' & thanx for alerting
    us all t that , now reading Rosanne Cash's book "Composed'...

  4. Mad- Politicians who care more about gaining power and causing mayhem than caring for the dear country they live in.

    Glad- That someone has turned Virginia upside down and shook it, and it is now snowing huge, fluffy, white snow globe flakes!

  5. Very little actually makes me angry, but I cannot abide someone treating others badly. I'm from VA, and I was raised to be gracious even if it kills me. On one of my first business trips someone from another office was picking on a junior editor--junior but senior to me. After lunch, the bully corrected something the jr. ed. had said about my scarf. He was all wrong, and I turned and gave him a brief tutorial on French surnames and Greco-Roman mythology. It was rude of me and the sr. person I was with looked at me as if I'd grown another head, but boy, did it feel good. It also muzzled the bully.

  6. Marja- I thought Downton was great, more compelling this season-due to already being invested in the characters surely but the backdrop of War was certainly a part of that. I got to see Rosanne at Duke some time ago-read about it here-http://littleaugury.blogspot.com/search/label/Rosanne%20Cash -also is my nieces interview with her.
    I know the book is great-my brother will surely be reading it too. pgt

  7. Pamela, That will do it!

    Jennings and Gates-So agree with that, Snow is a great purifier. I look forward to some flakes in NC this winter. pgt

  8. Janet,I feel the same way-belittling someone is something that disturbs me. I have tended to be outspoken in those circumstances too-for anyone regularly reading here that is No surprise! pgt

  9. One of the prompts for this post is the chaos surrounding celebrity, especially their children, pregnancies and the publicity surrounding them. Way too much. thanks for venting a little with me. pgt



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