26 January 2012

What they wore: Yves ,Olivier, Jean Baptiste


We mustn't confuse Elegance for being a Snob. - Yves Saint Laurent

Olivier Journu
portrait by
Jean Baptiste Perronneau 

more on this painting from the MET here 



  1. The velvet color complements his eyes perfectly! He must have been a breathing ladies magnet:) I wonder if men will wear something like this - soft, poetic and frilly again sometime in the future? Or will it forever be regarded as unmasculine?

    1. Alika- I think the later, unfortunately. "Iacta alea est" The die is cast- in this case alas it is the pink dye. pgt

  2. Beautiful portrait of a handsome young man. What a style of dressing and posture. The pastels, embroidery, lace, flowers!
    These man were still more in touch with their feminine side.
    Of course, few were so wealthy and could afford it, but still, they could have worn black or brownish cloths.
    I yearn or a return of such elegance...

  3. VA- another day- when Beauty applied to Men. Do you follow the blog What is James Wearing? He brings us the modern man well dressed and has a certain daring in his wardrobe choices-I recommend it.

  4. What a stunning portrait. I love how the color of the jacket is reflected in the skin tones...or vice versa. Simply gorgeous.

  5. Couldn't agree more with YSL and I want Olivier's jacket!!

  6. Mesmerizing portrait. Love this.



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