15 February 2012

EDIE's Pre-ferredFUR


“Ah! I think every woman should have a fur coat, Only now she should wear it on her head!" 

when asked of Her preference for FUR-
She replied- I prefer IT on Her...

I don't wear Fur, 
The thought of IT sends Me a Stir.

While Others bask in the glow of IT.
I find I'm in angst 
 in Woe of IT.

 The Bunny, 
the Monk-ey, 
the Sable-
Whatever your choice-
IT is Fatal.

I prefer a straw hat-
I wear only the Stuff of Mongolian Fluff-
the Darlings still  "baa" & graze in the buff.

While Others make WAR 
& wear Dead Little Beasties-
 I will make PEACE 
with FUR-
Sacrificial Lambs for Hair- Only.

I declare, darling Edie,
will never wear Fur Malevolently.

EDIE had a little lamb,
little lamb, little lamb,
whose fleece was white as snow.

And everywhere that EDIE went,
the lamb was sure to go.

"Why does the lamb love EDIE so?"
Love EDIE so? Love EDIE so?
"Why does the lamb love EDIE so,"
the eager children cry.

"Why, EDIE loves the lamb, you know."
The lamb, you know, the lamb, you know,
"Why, EDIE loves the lamb, you know,"

 1st quote from MARC JACOBS, remarking on his Fall 2012 Collection
 image 2  Bert Stern photograph,Elsa Martinelli The Gala Head Vogue 1962
 image 3 Milton Gendel photograph of Andre Leon Talley & Lord Snowdon in Fendi furs,Ruspoli Palace, 1987
 image 4  Marlène Dietrich in Shawl in Monkey Hat by Reboux sketched by Eric Carl Erickson
 image 5 Edie Sedgewick in a black straw hat and Mongolian fur in Ciao! Manhattan, image 6 EDIE


  1. I wear fake fur, always. The only time I went out to the opera and had nothing to cover up, my friend lend me a vintage fur stole, lovely, but it did not make the lasting and craving impression!
    Like you, sheep fleece and cow hide, that's were it ends!
    But I do wear leather shoes....

  2. Hi,
    Who is the "Edie" who is loved by the lamb? And who wrote that verse? And, the last image, of our darling Edie Sedgwick and Jesus is not ID'd; do you know whose it is?
    Danny Fields

  3. Danny Fields, I took poetic license with this post-I wrote the verse, the last portion is taken from the children's nursery rhyme. I don't know about the last image-there are a number of ES tumblr blogs with the picture. Can you tell me more? Was it from a film? Very few of the tumblr sites dedicated to Edie Sedgwick with photos are cited unfortunately. PGT



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