26 February 2012

less is MORE


Yes-best dressed. She's wearing Tom Ford. 



  1. GP knocked it out of the ballpark. Lovely look. Classic and modern at the same time.

  2. Yes this was one of my favourites. The other being George Clooney's date.
    It feels like fashion has taken the highlight in the Awards. I found last evening's Acadeny Awards disappointing. The actors present are such brilliant minds and are so much more that the designer outfit they have been gifted to wear.

    Have a wonderful week


  3. Very elegant! It was a good night for Red Carpet fashion.

  4. Hers was my favorite along with Tina Fay. Pure elegance and class!

  5. The best. She's always classic. I can't believe some of the early comments I saw were negative.

  6. I gave it the 1st prize also! She is just so lovely; and elegant simplicity is my favorite. I actually adored the whole show. The best in years! I hope no one except Billy Crystal ever is allowed to do it again.

    He was so funny; (he is not funny "at another's expense"! (true humor is never at another's expense)

    It was a magnificent Oscars ceremony..............a 'ten strike"!
    And I thought Gweneth won the prize of dress......

    I adored the whole thing......all the awards to the people behind the scenes,,,,,,,it is the only business I now of who honors all of its workers!

    What a good idea!



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