23 February 2012

The Rare Bird of Fashion & 1 of her flock

 I love Iris Afpel's style- She is a Rare Bird of Fashion

top left-Iris Arpel, from the book by Eric Boman  Rare Bird of Fashion, The Irreverent Iris Apfel . top right Wedding kaftan, Fez, 20th century from Une Passion Marocaine (A Moroccan Passion) image- Connaissance des Arts  & muguet de Paris   .  Me wearing my own Moroccan wedding kaftan, Holiday 2011. No-I did not get married, and only wear it occasionally-it's very heavy.

Read about IRIS, As if you haven't already-

an interview with Iris Barrel Apfel here
scenes from Rare Bird here



  1. Your a BIRD OF PARADISE....RARE & Beautiful

  2. You look beautiful and glamerous in your wedding kaftan.

  3. Oh I do love this. A wonderful kaftan and you look wonderful.

  4. Iris Apfel has always been an inspiration to me. Now YOU are! Love the look, love your blog. Always something to inspire me.

  5. Who DOESN"T love her!! And adore your beautiful caftan - and you in it!!

  6. amazing that any of my comment "made it"! I will try again!
    I went to New York (from Santa Barbara, california) just to see her exhibit at the Met. I spent 7 hours.......(I took a half-hour break for lunch) and they had to sweep me out of there at closing. I went back the next day. I did the same thing. We were not allowed to take pictures.......sadly; the Met could not afford to produce a catalogue.
    The second day; she came in with the head of the museum in Palm Beach; (where it went in a smaller version) and I introduced myself to her.

    She is so gracious...and funny! I have bought fabrics from their company "Old World Weavers" for many years!
    I am a decorator.....however; fashion has always been an interest (obviously, they go hand-in -hand)!

    Great post! She shows that "style" has nothing whatever to do with "fashion"!

  7. Always loved her style. It was Chanel who said fashion fades style remains. I'm paraphrasing.

    Your caftan is stunning & so are you..talk of weight I should send you my huge amber necklace to wear with it!

  8. It's a great one, pgt! I love it. And, you look beautiful!! ox



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