18 March 2012


  1. was it my imagination, or did a beautiful post simply vanish from here !

  2. At first I thought it said I want to see something new... and thought, so do I!
    Then I reread it and thought, wish I could.

    I enjoy your wit and insight.

  3. I love your references to F Scott Fitzgerald........I wrote my thesis on him. I got all these short stories from the library (remember the library??) from the Saturday Evening Post. I don't believe they were ever published in book form!

    What a writer. He captured me on the first page of my first novel......I think I was in 10th grade.......it was Tender is the Night.......then the next was The Great Gatsby; and on and on.

    He is still my favorite author of the twentieth century...not "the best" but, by far.....my favorite.

    by the way, I love seeing his handwriting. I have never seen it before! My godmother must have copied it! Yikes! Almost identical......and I have never seen the likes of it!

  4. oh ps. I keep meaning to say referring to your description:

    Just my opinion:

    what is authentic will endure! My theory!!!




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