14 March 2012

the ever EleGant Stefano Pilati


Exiting from Yves Saint Laurent.
 I admire Stefano Pilati, over the years his ability to channel- not copy the elegance- the spirit of Yves Saint Laurent.

My idea of elegance – and this refers to women as well as men – is that someone is elegant when he or she shows a good knowledge of what fits them, where you can find naturalness and self-esteem. Not showing off. Elegance is the idea of showing an optimistic depiction of oneself, and to lose oneself in the frivolity of style and fashion. Nowadays nobody gives a shit about being elegant, or chic. -Stefano Pilati



  1. Often better than given credit for, but sometimes I think his intelligence outstripped his designs. His menswear collections became rather inconsistent after the louche pinnacle that was Fall 2008

    He really did make a good conduit for the glamour and elegance that define YSL, that said

    Best as always,


  2. That is a great quote: self-knowledge, acceptance and joy. Thanks. Mary

  3. I've seen Stefano's quote before and find it thought provoking. To be comfortable in your clothes is important but what's more, is the importance that other people feel comfortable around you as well. Shiree'

  4. Stefano's quote...and yes that is so sad. What has the world come to.

    Art by Karena



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