31 March 2012



suggested viewing.

painting by David Gauld, 1893.


  1. Such lovely colours, especially the green leaves.

  2. I adore this beautiful picture. I do not understand "the Hunger games" and it's appeal. I'm sticking with your beautiful picture. I think that is all I want to know.....My darling husband asked me......I am showing him this.
    thank you; you divine creature!

    I cannot even tell you how I adored your "tunic" at Hutton's! I would have put my hand on a bible; and sworn it was made from 18th century toile!!

  3. One of my favorite paintings.

  4. Thank you for the introduction to David Gauld. Did you see The Hunger Games, then? If so, what did you think? I went to see it with Jane yesterday. Curtis

  5. Have not seen the movie or read the books. Guess I don't have an interest. I too will stick with this beautiful image!

  6. I did see the movie- while it was not Epic Cinema- it does do good in making points that seem lost to Us. The future? fantasy? Where does the movie take Us? It places all the circumstances of the world we live in today and projects them into both--the fact is-the futuristic Hunger Games looks a lot like the present Reality. If any thing is grasped from the Flick- by the hordes that go to it- That would be the message. Not to mention how we maintain some Humanity in that world and this one. If a Parent can go to it with their children and actually Get It- that would be ideal. Is that likely? I don't have a clue.

  7. The painting is gorgeous. I don't intend to see Hunger Games as being in the present is what I'm working on and that is enough of a challenge. Mary



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