08 April 2012

the ORDER of Stripes

Photograph by  Jean Moral, 1946.

do you Love STRIPES?
after Checks- I do. Their regimented lines appeal to my natural desire to be organized to within an inch-of a Stripe.
Sadly it's not a strong suit of mine.

When they are mitered & biased like the Legroux Soeurs  summer hat- I find them a little more the real Me.
Perfect placement, regimented, yet Off.

The Duchess knew how to wear a STRIPE. Her sense of style was impeccable-meaning perfect for Her. That slat thin figure wore slat-like Stripes with panache.

She out striped them all- in Givenchy Stripes when seeing double at a party in Paris-

page from Suzy Menkes Windsor Style

horizontal STRIPES while very IN- would never do for Me, not even in the now ubiquitous Breton stripes everywhere & once worn by Picasso, James Dean & Warhol,
Audrey, Seberg.
I love to see them worn by those suited for BOLD stripes-those BOLD HORIZONTAL STRIPES.

Dean Horizontal Stripe CooL

These guys Yes.

Everyone else, it's more complicated.

Michael O'Connor costume designs for Jane Eyre

In decorating- nothing can be more stylish than a Stripe & it's probably the most democratic of all fabrics.
One of the most stylish and elegant women today for Me- is Carolina Herrera.
She decorates with Stripes, not to mention wearing them well.

This Navy varied stripe is the ultimate-CooL, & we can all be CooL when we decorate with a Stripe in the Herrera Style.

This is CHIC w/ stripe-
 Buddha & Louis together with echos of the 5'2" Little General.

Legendary writer and editor Minn Hogg's elegant Navy Stripe curtain anchors  her uniquely eclectic collections. Her sense of style is evident in the mix of the two.
It is a Stripe making sense of it All. Min Hogg knows how.

The NAVY & White Stripe is the Ultimate color pairing as Stripes go-
It's been revered by every designer in fashion & possibly interior design.

It's Up,
stick straight,

This fashion drawing of Lucien Lelong 's 1947 Courmont Evening Gowns stays in the back of my mind filed under CHIC w/Stripe whether I am decorating- or thinking about how fashion influences interior design.

Filed under CHIC w/Stripe- from  the 1973 June Vogue Anne Ford Uzielli in her New York apartment -  a  sensory Stripe experience with an assist from her decorator Charles Dear.

the more mitered-the merrier,
I say.



  1. Not a strong suit of mine either, but an absolutely splendid way to begin the week. Curtis

  2. Nor me!! But I do LOVE stripes, as well as our beloved checks. It is laughable to see how my striped tops are in my summer wardrobe!!

  3. What a post! G..I thoroughly enjoyed this...thank you! k

  4. Love stripes of all kinds...the Breton striped shirt of Picasso and Seberg and in awnings...one of my favorite combinations was subtle, but so right...in Venice in Dosoduro, a pistachio colored house with burt umber shutters and awnings of alternating dark chocolate and creme colored stripes. Love vintage garden chairs in wood with striped canvas sling seats, and striped umbrellas: stripes say "holiday", to me, in a kind of visual language. Love the selections you feature here.

  5. I love stripes in awnings, too. And, ALL of your images filed under 'chic with stripes.' A quintessential LA post. I'd say!

  6. The stripe does seem to connote order, doesn't it? I think it can also bring a calming influence to a room, perhaps because, as you say, it anchors.

  7. PGT, the Lucien Lelong striped ballgown sketches are wonderful. I've never seen these sketches. The stripes are so visually striking and lend a sense of movement, don't they? I like the way Lelong left the hair (or hats) blank here also... interesting.

    Lelong's name is familiar as it is tied to the story of the Theatre de la Mode - the unsurpassed traveling fashion doll exhibit. In addition to designing, Lelong was president of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. Lelong prevented the removal of irreplaceable fashion archives from France during WWII and he helped facilitate the development of Theatre de la Mode - which raised money for assistance to war survivors as well as reviving the post-WWII French fashion industry.

    1. Toile-I love the Lelong drawing-know little about the Theatre de la Mode and should study up-I bet I can begin at Toile la la! pgt

  8. Oh PGT, It is so hard to believe there is anything beautiful of which you are unaware! The Theatre de la Mode is fantastic - small mannequin dolls, art, fashion, creation, haute couture fashion, theatre sets, bebe berard illustrations, a wonderful story of creation in the midst of difficulty, the resilience of the human spirit. You see how excited I am about Theatre de la Mode. See the book - in order to really appreciate such lovely creations from designers, artists, seamstresses, tailors, the "hands" of the past! I think you will love it.



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