17 April 2012

the Rest of the LA story

So many highlights from my LA trip, a Crush at Peter Dunham's Hollywood at Home one evening.
Ralph Rucci at Rose Tarlow.

 I admit to being a horrible photographer-when in the middle of  a party- or- when I am not-in the middle of a party- but, I did get to photograph some things in Peter's store chock full of fabrics from the many Lines he carries the day after.

at Peter Dunham-
I had a brief chat with the mobbed editor Newell Turner of House Beautiful.
We talked about his pug.
What else?
We both missed our pets.

Met artist, writer, blogger Lisa Borgnes Giramonti of A Bloomsbury Life, A delight!
She is vibrant, charming & hip ( in a Bloomsbury way).


some of Lisa's fabrics at Peter Dunham, my favorite is Aswan, below, in the color Passion

(also, It was lovely to meet Lisa Fine, on another evening. I adore her textiles & the fashion line she designs, Irving & Fine,with her partner Carolina Irving,)

 Friend Matthew did take a photograph of Me with Ralph Rucci. Mr. Rucci was signing his book at Rose Tarlow.
He was most interested in my turquoise jewelry- I was most interested in his book-
The book is EXquisite-

 from case, to cover, to each & every Page.

get this BOOK, it is rich, layered, complex.

& what would any trip be without some Vintage shopping,
I was struck mostly by all the Of the Moment fabrics that catch my eye used in Vintage Clothes . Each and every one reminded me of Something- but that's another post.



  1. Oh how much you have enriched out region!

    Next time; bring your dog! There are all these hotels here who welcome dogs!

    Adam (You haven't met my darling Adam); and I rarely stray from home....and stay in hotels where we can bring our dogs!!!

    I don't know what it means......but it means our truth!!

    I adored meeting you!!


  2. beautiful fabrics..love your choice, Aswan..x

  3. Yes, LA is pretty amazing!! Each little area has its own separate identity and "ambiente" and it truly is international in scope.

  4. Gaye a fabulous trip with so many memorable events!! I admire that Aswan Fabric as well!

    Art by Karena

  5. Oh, you had a glorious time! Great inspiration to be sure!

  6. I know you are looking forward to going back soon. The Ralph Rucci book is on my list!



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