05 May 2012

Elsie, Albert & Anne at One Kings Lane

 go see the One Kings Lane Albert Hadley Sale ,special pieces from the estate of Albert Hadley: At Home With An Icon.

this piece, if only...

from the site: Gouache on canvas portrait of Elsie de Wolfe with a contemporary mirrored frame. Indistinctly signed, dated XXVII. Mr. Hadley showed this piece to Lady Mendl (Elsie de Wolfe) through a dealer friend and was invited to one of her famous white cocktails two days later. Elsie confirmed it was Anne Morgan's head on her body but said, "I'll say it's me." Featured in Elle DecorJune/July 2003, p. 154; Elle Decor Feb/March 2000, p. 128. Sitting Room, New York.

 My 1st One Kings Lane Sale starts May 10th, this week.



  1. Yes! wouldn't this be the Best to have! that's my pick of the lots! pgt

  2. Interesting story, but I wouldn't fight you over it. I would prefer a genuine A.H. piece. But that's why there're many choices, no?
    The Devoted Classicist

    1. Yes, the Hadley drawings are very appealing. While provenance is always important, I found some of the things a little sad to see, personal items that I do not think have a place in sales like this-but... I am always drawn to oddities, quirkiness and obviously AH was too. The amusement of the entire story and his collecting it makes it a winner!

  3. This was my absolute favorite piece from all of the items in the sale. I can't quite explain it, but it is brilliant!

  4. I read the signature was indiscernible, but my intuition says it may be painted by Bernard Boutet de Monvel...very much his hand! Love the way he juxtaposed the acrylic globe on the verde antico box in front of this image...an ALTAR radiating light.



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