19 May 2012

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Bringing Up the Bodies
Hilary Mantel's Cromwell continues to engross Us. Thomas Cromwell is staying over at Wolf Hall & appears on the first pages as Henry is engaged in a hunt.
Hawks fly overhead-named for Cromwell's young dead daughters.

Cromwell is mastermind of Anne Boleyn's ascent to the throne.
Now what?
Though the Tudor story is well known-I can not wait to see how it turns out.

reviews & stories abound right now, one from the Daily Beast here,

image from the Daily Beast

the Daily Beast, Mantel's favorite historic novels here



  1. Loved! Wolf Hall.
    Cannot wait to dive into this one.
    Am saving it for a beach porch later in the summer.

  2. Pamela, You will Love this too. Already, it has grabbed me-I think the WH prepared me for it and it is just as if I finished that yesterday. pgt

  3. WOW! Me, too!

    And that is a great portrait!

  4. Re-reading Wolf Hall in preparation for this one! Can't wait.

  5. I've been foaming at the mouth waiting for this - I almost ordered it from the Amazon UK a couple of weeks ago, but I did the right thing and got it from my local bookseller (Faulkner House Books) today. I'm getting my internet usage out of the way and eating something before diving in. I may have to call in sick tomorrow.

  6. Oh I can't wait to read this one. This topic is always fascinating and the author is such a brilliant writer.

  7. Gaye I am so excited to read this!! Also an amazing portrait!

    Thought you would enjoy...Interview with Leslie of Segreto Finishes and her fabulous Book Giveaway!

    Art by Karena



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