07 June 2012

against type, the JOHN effect


I couldn't help but notice an air about Marc Jacobs most recent collection-Resort 2013. While it's hard to imagine what one might want to wear in January next year-fashion is less and less seasonal. Fabrics seem to be seasonless-times have changed, and yet-don't they stay the same?
We all know if we wait long enough fashion will re-cycle-
time and time again.

A favorite LOOK is from Marc Jacobs-Cecil Beaton would have referred to it as the "John" type. Mrs. Augustus John, Dorelia, wore long gypsy skirts and prints, bold colors and aprons. Beaton writes in his Glass of Fashion, "for the last forty years she has dressed in the same manner: outside fashion, her clothes and hear appearance are never dated."

Dorelia photographed by Cecil Beaton

the "John" effect, a glorious floral mash up from Marc Jacobs

Dorelia below as a young woman, muse to her Master, Augustus John.
at right, Dorelia, later in life with Ottoline Morrell and the Master-Augustus John

I love these patchwork dresses from Marc Jacobs,the long one with an apron effect, and the shorter with a pinafore front.

Dorelia as John saw her- Beaton refers to the Dorelia paintings as some of John's best work.

If only we could all follow Dorelia in sticking with what works-and not following fashion so much-
though I must say Marc Jacobs makes it mighty tempting.

see the entire collection from Marc Jacobs at VOGUE.com here.



  1. I think the floral mash-ups would look superb on Liz and Emily! Wonderful post... and, "John type" connection. Dorelia was smart, indeed.

    1. Yes! I love these dresses. Do you remember the brand called "denise are here" or am I hallucinating about that name, I wore lots of there dresses in the 70s and these remind me of them. maybe that is why I love them so much. pgt



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