11 July 2012

TWO, talking with Monica Patel


Monica Patel of TWO NEW YORK has devised the perfect SUMMER uniform-
One that I thoroughly embrace.


Combining the comfort of a caftan and the elegance of her hand picked textiles Monica's TWO designs are a pure Joy!

Monica is a perfect model for her own designs-she's beautiful, So it's a natural fit.
I had a chance to put some questions to Monica recently-

 Do you live near your studio?

I do live about a mile away from my studio and I bike through the park everyday to work when weather permits.
It is one of my most cherished moments. I used to be a mad biker as a kid and I love that I can still do it in NY. It's refreshing.

How do you balance two and motherhood?

Balancing the kids. Not an easy thing - I break from work to take my son to school and I just have to know my limits.
I can't promise more than I can achieve in one day. Sometimes I have to wash all the fabric and iron.
Not a good thing to do with toddlers around...so it's massive scheduling around the kids..
But it's a labor of love so it gets done.

How did your working for Prada and at Barneys influence two?

In so many ways, but mostly I learned I still love the same types of things even twenty years later..and have to be true to myself (or my style)

What influences you most in creating your two collections?
Wearability, comfort, ease ..just reality. being able to actually wear it and have a kid slobber on it and wash it and wear it again fifty times more.
I try to make pieces that will last with good cottons and workmanship.

Tell me a bit about what you look for when selecting fabrics?

I have always loved sarees but felt the colors you generally find easily in India are very different than what I would want to wear..
I wanted to have a fresh approach to the textiles and it really starts with the colors and textures.
Some I fall in love with and others sometimes surprise me on how wearable they are. 
Somehow I find there's a person that is made for each one..

Besides the obvious---comfort- why do you think women today are so drawn to the caftan style?

I love the way it drapes and I think if you use the right materials that feel good on, it's luxurious. 
combine that with comfort and you have a perfect combo.

What piece do You wear the most?

I wear my ekani top and my v dress everyday.
I just came up with a short tunic that I also love.

Whose Style do you admire most at the moment?
This question has taken me weeks to answer. I am not sure I can say one specific person. 
I love to stare at everyone and just observe how they put things together.

What current Lady in the press would you love to see in a two caftan?

There are so many people young and old ! 

I saw Padma Laksmi the other day and felt she would look great in one.
How right you are-perfect for her! 

I love the freshness of TWO's pieces. Are they for the "young" only? How can older women wear your designs?

not at all.
I do a variety of fabric from colorful to neutrals. Usually the neutrals and whites are just so elegant on and I can see that lasting forever for any age.

Monica is heading to the West Coast with caftans & children for work and play, She invites you to join her if you are nearby!


  1. I too have admired two new york! Love this interview...so real.

  2. I just got my Royal Purple Seema! I love it. can not wait to wear it. So comfy-and stylish. The lines are most flattering. pgt

  3. i own a few caftans.
    i feel they are super chic!!!


  4. From one caftan lover to another...thank you. :)

  5. This is new to me. I am enchanted with the fabrics and trims. Gorgeous. thanks. Mary

    1. Mary, so happy to introduce you- I love the femininity of MOnica's pieces.

  6. i just let out a little squeal. something i really never do.

  7. save my place......I wrote this great long thing......about caftans........off into cyberspace!

    Toni Webb......it was good!



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