18 September 2012

"Madame Pompadour,"

actresses painted by Gainsborough, nymphs by Boucher-" Sarah Mower, of Vogue

 Yes, it's all True- I wasn't there-but I saw the Sun King too- 

 louis xiv, habill√© en soleil

“I just wanted to concentrate on this idea of beauty,”Meadham Kirchhoff

Mower quote linked here-and in text, with the review and the collection of Meadham Kirchhoff



  1. Beauty is back, as idea, as a point of artistic expression -I love the concern for applied enrichment, the sense of the fantastic that so characterized the ancien regime that this references. Thank you for keeping us informed on what fashion designers are thinking about and creating.

  2. Fun, sexy, wearable(if in bits). I'm dying for a pair of those boots alas. A new name for me, thanks.



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