17 October 2012

1 of my Favorite things


Paper and Pencil
 These were the first words I ever put together and I still must have them within reach. I love to take notes and write letters. This basic Mead Marble Composition Book and Sharpie in berry get down all the information I need. I can’t fathom using my phone to make all the notes I do while reading and working.-from Lonny's October issue here

 Hussein Chalayan, Spring 2013
Mead Composition book

 & constantly looking for inspiration-

 with a purple sharpie.

 Jessica Chastain for Yves Saint Laurent's Manifesto

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1 comment:

  1. I am with you....longhand. Handwritten notes whether to ones self or others somehow have the possibility of a longer life.

    I remember the location of the notes I have taken by the doodles on the page

    However - this year - the Sharpie failed me, it is not as permanent as I always believed



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