31 October 2012

sharing A Visual Life


 a wall in a client's Powder  Room
Charlotte says all the women on these Vogue covers have IT

Charlotte Moss has packed her new book with details from her abundant Visual Life. Her eye is always Seeing-Moving-Editing and this book has captured the energy and pure passion she has for IT All.

 The IT All might not be visible to everyone-in fact-there are few that really- Really- Look at their World and transform IT into more than just Memory-that record IT and create a rich Reservoir of Inspiration.

I'm full of guilt about this-I often feel I am missing IT.

  She says IT's  je ne sais quoi-

It's no surprise-the book has IT, Charlotte Moss has IT and because of that-She's assuaged a little of my guilt  about IT, or lack of- by opening up her Visual Life to me in this book-
&You too.
I have a signed copy saved for you. Don't thank me yet-just one of you-but read on...

Charlotte has filled the book with collages and story boards like this one- 
 (You know it's my favorite color.)

I spent three days with Charlotte in New York last fall and again in LA this Spring- so-I've seen IT first hand. When we talked at length about her last book-Charlotte Moss Decorates, I asked her if she was coming down off the book- or if something else was percolating for the next one.She was already moving on-telling me about what is now a fully realized Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life.

Her office at home-cum Library-cum Sitting Room is a collage come to life. I spent an evening in this cozy dream of a room pouring over her books-collections-and yes- some of the pieces she highlights in the book.

Charlotte is a modern day Diana-her prey in this case is-the beautiful. "I have gone from hunting wildflowers to hunting antiques for a room. Her collages are a perfect manifestation of that hunter.

The book is a Visual record-women like Deborah Needleman-Alexa Hampton-have contributed their own Visual Life to the book and Charlotte has layered her personal Visual Life with the scrapbooks and papers of Jacqueline Kennedy-Evangeline Bruce-Elsie de Wolfe. The photography in the book is equal to all that-and Pieter Estersohn has captured Charlotte's moods-moves- and motivation. With Charlotte's collages and Pieter's photographs, the book easily shelves itself under- ART as well as DESIGN. It's this overlapping that makes the book unique and densely layered. That layering goes right to the heart of Charlotte's doctrine-Life is Art- and Style and Substance are words she uses in conversations and they reverberate in A Visual Life.

This book is fantastic-right? Full of textile samples from the 19th century and ceaselessly inspiring-

Charlotte's Loves are Home, Garden, Travel and Entertaining- and she has arranged the book into these Loves and the book's chapters weave her collages-her design work-her photography-her collections into beautiful pages that will Inspire-to say the least.

Now about that signed copy of Charlotte Moss: A Visual Life
If you want IT-leave a comment, that's IT.
You might just Say- I want IT and You might get IT. 

A winner will be selected randomly at random.org.

all the images abover are used with permission- © CHARLOTTE MOSS: MY SCRAPBOOKS, Rizzoli New York, 2012.


  1. Gotta have IT! I can tell this book is full of color (and style), and color is what I love!

  2. Have all of her other titles...so I NEED IT. Thankful I got to visit her NYC townhouse shop before it closed....like walking into one of her books

  3. I want IT! Agreed Charlotte Moss definitely has IT and we can all have a piece of it through her books. This is the only one I don't have yet!

  4. Wow...I would love IT, but better yet, I want IT and another dream book of mine...."Little Augury presents" or the "World of Little Augury" or the "Best of Little Augury." Now that would be a wonderful future publication. BIG Kiss Kiss...Sigrid Olsen in Salem, Oregon.

  5. Hoping your fine after the storm...so much devastation wrought by Sandy. Please light a candle for those who are suffering a loss of home, room and board or their beloved trees or garden.
    Beauty comes naturally to those with the eye...that which you and CM were born with, but its the Soul that hungers for Beauty even after a storm that deserves this book....I cannot lay claim to it, but hope someone worthy of this gift of Light and Beauty is the recipient.

  6. I want IT! I adore It! I have to have IT!

  7. This may be your best post yet. You had me at the first sentence. Thank you.

  8. Oh yes! First and foremost........are you and yours ok after the"Storm to end all Storms"?

    That is most important!

    Charlotte's book is such a "giving" and "loving" book!

    I am so grateful to have it!

    I was so delighted to be at the party for Charlotte at Dawnridge last Spring! (in honor of Charlotte)! Thank you Hutton and Ruthie! I love the section of Charlotte's book about you two!

    Penelope Bianchi

    ps the most delightful thing is this:

    every single article in all of the GREAT decorating magazines........all of the articles.......have 'More is More" and "Tony Duquette" on the coffee tables! (I subscribe to every decorating magazine, I think , that is published! (Your books are in ALL of them!)

    If it were not for you and Ruthie......Tony would have just drifted into the ether!

    Thank you for keeping him "alive" and current and showing his "stuff" all the people today !!!

    Honestly; he would have been "lost"!!

    Your enormous fan..


  9. This book is an enormous GIFT that Charlotte has given to us!

    I want to thank her!

    I( went to her shop 30 years ago (or something close) and bought a few lovely things! She was there! I told her how I loved "every single thing in your shop"! That never happens"!")

    In any case,,,,,,this book is beyond!
    Of great interest to me; my friends on the West coast are featured in her book......she is universal! She could do a great house in the middle of China; India, Sri Lanka
    Anywhere on earth! Because she; as Elsie and Nancy before her.........her values are "comfort; appropriateness; and suitability !!!!

    Love the book!


    ps I saw the "townhouse" store before it closed also! what a treat!

  10. I am with Mrs. Olsen and The Swan. You and CM both have IT. I'd love to have a book from each of you on my shelves, and some day I know I shall. (I imagine your cover will be in shades of lavender.)

  11. there's no substitute for the practiced eye, but once you start to 'see,' experience increases geometrically.

  12. What an inspiration she is. I am always looking forward to reading and enjoying her take on the world. She has IT indeed!

  13. IT is stunning, I suddenly have the urge to get creative and make a collage!

  14. I second The Swan and hope you are fine after the storm! I love a book about style, fashion maybe being the most fun. Always a pleasure to pop over to your blog. Thank you!

  15. Yes, what a treat it would be to have this book. And, while we're on the subject of books, have you thought of one? Just saying.

  16. Patricia-(no Not Me, I already have a couple of CM's newest-sent Me this email~)Needing to Leave a Comment, but frustrated by the machinations of blogger, We all know how you feel Patricia! Here is her comment! thanks-pgt

    In my inbox this morning were your beautiful story of Charlotte Moss and her latest creation and an article from my son (who is studying economics) about Human Capital and Productivity. Charlotte embodies the economist example of someone with a high Human Capital score. I would love to win her book and share it with my son as a FEMALE example of having IT !

  17. and another comment via email-from getting this post in her box thanks Gail :
    This note will be so brief you can read it with one eye.
    I so DESIRE a copy of "A Visual Life," and DESIRE rules the world, right?! With kind regards, Gail Frank

  18. Hello, yes, I definitely want it and agree with everyone else about the call for a book from you. Thanks for the visions of life you share...best regards, Pat Herndon

  19. Books provide IT, can never stop learning IT. Please would love to get this one!!!!

  20. Charlotte Moss has IT, she's shared IT, I want IT. Merci!

  21. I would really love a copy of this book. Please put my name in the draw! Kelly x

  22. I strive for IT---IT makes for a life so full it overruns the brim. Charlotte has IT without question, but you have no need to fret---I look to your blog for inspiration and find IT.

  23. Well, isn't that the way of things? I was ready to say, to h*ll with Random.org and just give it to the beautiful Penny Bianchi for putting things into perspective (as in I also hope that you are well yet imagine if no, perhaps you would suggest otherwise?) but as life would have it, she already has what appears to be an adrenaline shot of creativity. For that reason, I will, with much shyness, put my vote in as well.

  24. thanks Jane S. for the comment! I've registered it here.

    It's a beautiful book. I want IT! JANE S.

  25. Marcia B.-you smart lady, already has IT. but hopes she might get another. here is her comment.

    I have IT, Got IT Tuesday, but would love to share IT with friends and have a signed IT. Marcia

  26. thanks Mary.

    Hi, Little Augury!

    I absolutely love Charlotte Moss - her design style, her fashion sense, and most-of-all, her ability to create totally unique surroundings by mixing elements from history and the natural world. I would be delighted to receive this book from you! Thank you for all of your wonderful postings. I truly enjoy reading your blog.
    Best regards,
    Mary Parshall

  27. Love Charlotte Moss and would feel so lucky to have her book as inspiration. Thanks for the opportunity. Regards, Pat at Fearless Edith blog.

  28. Charlotte Moss is so creative, I want IT to rub off on me! Yes please :)
    Thanks for the chance.
    Jacqueline Walters

  29. Would so live to have this book. Inspiration PLUS!

  30. I'm working on IT. Thanks for the drawing!

  31. Lucky YOU, that is-Lucky "J.P" & " Pat Herndon." You each have won a signed copy of Charlotte's book. thanks to everyone. pgt



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