13 October 2012


Recently an envelope came in the mail that had a familiar look-a looping distinctive scrawl identifying the sender and upon opening it contained- the note with the silhouette of a dog and this photograph of my friend Sandford and me.I write about Sandy often in the pages of little augury and he is indeed the reason this blog was born.
Even without the signature- I would have known it was from Pam- friend, Sandy's sometime partner in crime and mother to my dear friend Jesma.

The gathering where the picture was taken-the christening of Pam's grandchild-now 11? forgive me Ewan-if I've dropped a year! I'm getting old.

I miss Sandy-but his loss is lessened by the ties that bind-friends, books, letters, photographs. The photograph has its own identifiers- Me a little drifting, head in the clouds and pale-Sandy glasses perched on his head, fully engaged with the beginnings of his Cheshire cat grin.

Always charming-and out to charm, Sandy was old school, in the moment-and over the top.

I'm so glad to have the picture in hand and the memory in heart.



  1. Gaye truly a memorable photo and letter to treasure. These bits of memorabilia always take me down a path of that time in life; then surrounding memories.

    Art by Karena

  2. making memories along the way and then to be transported back is all the sweeter~
    lovely note and image.

  3. Just so you know he is thinking of you as we'll from the other side....beautiful!

  4. Gaye this is so touching, photos can evoke wonderful memories. What a lovely gift.

  5. Dearest, it has been 12 years! We are getting old. I'm so glad Mom sent this on to you. Miss SP so...xo

  6. So lovely, and sweet. You have given me pause this long and difficult day, to stop, ponder, and reflect. Thank you. Reggie

  7. It's a loss in our digital age, the ephemera and the photos. They can be such tactile symbols of time and place. How thoughtful of your friend to send that to you.

  8. It is a beautiful picture of you Gaye.
    I know you cherish this photo, and I got goosebumps reading Pam's sweet attached note.



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