30 November 2012

let Nature take its course

 Nature comes in different guises and bringing Nature INside & making it into something functional is part of Man's better Nature. All of these things are a part of my One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale-each one has a story-and each has captured my attention and is part of my personal collection or was selected by me expressly for the Sale.

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Glazed pottery vase with raised floral decorations. This piece is one I have used for early spring cherry blossoms or pink forsythia branches. It always brings an exotic air to the room. Stands 9" high.

 Three yards of Lee Jofa Verdure Tapestry fabric. Through masses of leaves tree trunks can be seen-creating a rich forest to recover a chair. I've used this length to cover a table just as it is-with no extra seaming or tacking.

Drawn to Gestures-I have a number of  "Hands" carved in wood-made of porcelain-perhaps once a part of a Santos-or anything that speaks quietly of the perfect gesture. This is a single HAND Carved in Wood that may have been a glove mold. Its primitive execution makes it sculptural and its height makes it ideal sitting on a coffee table amongst or on top of stacks of books. 15 inches tall.

This Primitive Hand Carved Garden Turtle had a spot in a garden for many years- I wonder where? I've collected turtles for years and this giant caught my eye-how could it not? Measures 20 inches long and 12 inches wide.

Each piece is linked within the text to a description page on One Kings Lane, or you can see everything HERE.

The Sale is going great, lots of pieces are gone-but some of my favorites remain. I'm personally overseeing the packing of the Sold pieces so everything except the White Glove items (those taking special shipping requirements)- will be on their way for Holiday gift giving.

Thanks for looking-and making this a great Sale- pgt


  1. Love your collection of unique pieces -each object or group of objects is very special.

  2. Love your collection of unique pieces -each object or group of objects is very special.



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