16 November 2012

scenes at Creel & Gow

in the world of Creel & Gow by the light of day there is stillness,
but I wonder what happens at night when the lights go out?


  1. The pair of peacocks would be wonderful for Christmas.

  2. oh dear. don't publish unless you really want to.
    Your blog is right up there as a total favorite....of mine.

    I cannot take "taxidermy"

    So I can only say....I love your blog posts "BUT"!!
    I find the zebra" head " so sad and offensive!!!.........

    I took my daughter to Kenya on a "photographic safari" in 1986!!
    27 years ago.

    The sight of a wild animal's head hanging on the wall ; simply makes me nauseous. Completely.

    We saw an Africa that was still rich with wildlife. And it is no longer.

    It turns my stomach when I see even one dead "zebra" (a real one). A hide.)

    A hide and a head makes me cry.

    (I enjoy seeing the "zebra stenciled cowhides" used so nicely. (Chic is chic!)
    That is a by-product of beef in the US It is an imaginative way to use the hide of beef a that is food in the United States.

    It is just way too hard for me to see real wild animal skins used decoratively.......and the actual head of a wild animal....eyes...and all; is simply more than I can bear!

    I suggest you go! (not to Kenya now.....South Africa!!)

    Go now! It is the trip of a lifetime! I do not think you could look that zebra in the eye!

    Love you, love your blog.....and do not publish this comment unless you really want to! It comes from my heart! (but it will be unpopular)!


  3. Is that a glass hammer???

  4. Is that a new store in NYC? I sold a white taxidermy peacock at Round Top once to a lady that had an all white store in Dallas.



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