27 November 2012

the parasol-at One Kings Lane

& the umbrella.

& how it's used-

photograph from my collection

  Tissot often included them in his paintings.

 in art-we see the parasol-the umbrella,
& this Thursday, November 29- a few of my own favorites will be offered at my Fall One Kings Lane Tastemaker Tag Sale. There are loads of  textiles, prints and things for the house too.

This large canvas by Frederick Carl Frieseke hangs in the North Carolina Museum of Art, maybe that's where it all started.

This is a turn of the century English parasol-the deep wine silk band almost a purple- attracted me to it along with the fine stitching of the band to the body of the cream silk.

Fashion photographers and stylists have been inspired by them for centuries.

Ervin Blumenfeld, 1954

Karl Lagerfeld for CHANEL,2011

a little augury series of parasols I call Sunscreen can be seen here.

join me Thursday-here



  1. the chanel black hat umbrella would be just my cup of tea
    i'm a wearer of hats
    can't think of any hat more elegant than this one.
    except maybe those i see walking down my beach with a paper parasol

  2. That is one very cool parasol!

    I am required by my very famous and very talented dermatologist to wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunscreen clothing in the sun at all times!

    Dr Karyn Grossman. Google her!

    She has not aged in 25 years.......a fact that is proven on her website. Sun is our enemy!

    Parasols are our friends!

    Bravo for your selling and promoting them! They are extremely fashionable!




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