10 December 2012

NH in Total Control

did you know?

Nicholas Haslam has written a book about his legendary English Country Home?
Folly de Grandeur is slated to premiere this Spring from Haslam via publisher RIZZOLI. 

I know you know the house-

The Hunting Lodge

Idyllic, the house was built for Tudor king Henry VII.
 photograph from the wsj by Simon Upton here

I hope there's a portrait of Henry VIII's daddie somewhere in the house-

Henry with the Tudor Rose

His last book-Redeeming Features, I've read twice, and could easily make it a third weekend read.

Intimate, Endearing-
the prose floats, sings-
bumps-grinds and has to win Nicky Haslam friends and influential people-more that is.
Haslam is a tireless designer crisscrossing the pond & elsewhere-while taking a wee break to record a debut album-"Midnight Matinee-with its first track Total Control already released with a dreamscape video. And influential friends? Bryan Ferry, Bob Geldof, Pink Floyd, Cilla Black, Tracey Emin, Rupert Everett-amongst others are helping out friend Nicky on the project.

 The memoir has some photographs of the Hunting Lodge-this my favorite of the all-It's the wallpaper, you know I love wallpaper- and it's the blue blue eyes, the little black dress-the blue painted bucket and of course the lemon.The portrait is of Haslam's mother by the Scottish artist Robin Guthrie.

 His Book-

My copy-
practically falling apart.
It is a must have for readers-as I suspect Folly de Grandeur will be.
Still one of the rooms in print I love most is this one in New Orleans from Haslam.

What else-let me see. Oh yes, there's a new quite beautiful fabric line-Random Harvest.
delicates-there are a few.
and - rock solid others-
and still another for when the one needs privacy.

Midday Lace in Thatched Roof Taupe


Shutter Stripe in Pomegranate Red

& never would you guess-
a rambling print inspired by a Spode plate Haslam found in North Carolina.

Greenbrier in Clouded Lilac

well,that's IT for the moment.

Look for the book this Spring-the fabric collection is here now.
the NH site is HERE for everything.

& Total Control? -he's got that too.

See the Video & Listen here



  1. oh another great book to look forward to -i can't wait!!!

  2. Hi, Gaye - I'll be looking for that book — I do appreciate your recommendations . . .

  3. I've been following Nicky's blog since the second post--I love it! Can't wait to see a copy of this new book.

  4. Good Lord! Another must-have book!! Downton Abbey library where are you because you are sorely needed here on 57 Street in New York! Gaye, where do you put all of your books?? I would love to know!

  5. KS said: What a Valentine ! Can't wait. Katherine

  6. My book addiction continues!

    I was featured on a blog; and my husband (I did not hear him..she was taking pictures.....and I know he said it...and it is true!!" Penelope has every book ever
    published on interior design; and she continues to collect!"

    (If he ever watched me order design books on Amazon with "one-click") What ;5 seconds??? (He might throw my macbook in the pond!)

    No! How lucky we al are to have all these books!

    When I started 43 years ago; there were around 4!!!




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