06 December 2012

Ottoline & ME

Ottoline Divine is a blog I began in 2011 to keep her in the picture- and it is with great pleasure I share an interview about Lady Ottoline Morrell & ME.

There is no doubt that "OM"-as she id'ed herself in one of her copious snaps for her scrapbooks-now held by the NPG- would be blogging online-and we would be flocking to her aerie. Her images give an unparallelled glimpse into the era-with a who's WHO of the aesthetes of the day.

 Ottoline with her camera, above & below, Hanneli Mustaparta snapping away while photographed by Tommy Ton

Moving through time-Ottoline continues to inspire Us-and others- whether aware of it-
Ottoline is in the Air.

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, Fall 2012

Read-all about Ottoline, Art, Fashion and Creation here. ART FASHION CREATION is written by one nom de plume "toile la la."



  1. I just read the whole thing and I loved it! In my ongoing love affair with the Bloomsbury Group (which started with my passion for the writing of Virginia Woolf) I have collected many books on Ottoline. We should compare notes, because I am sure you have a wonderful collection also. Your library is lovely!

    1. Sunday-thanks. I would love to know what your Ottoline library consists of- Let's communicate for a story. Have you collected the novels she inspired?

  2. Gaye, I loved the Q & A about Ottoline. Perhaps the color of ink was made from tree galls. I saw a recipe somewhere for a brownish ink using tree galls from oak trees. Abraham Lincoln used it during his presidency and I guess it was used for quite some time.

    1. Donna, tree galls-who knew? I need to tune in to that. thanks for reading the post! pgt

  3. How did I miss this?? I am falling down on the job.



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