02 December 2012

you should know

& you probably do.

but did you know right now there is an arresting exhibit of the artist's wardrobe in her home in Mexico City?
Frida Kahlo died at the age of 47-leaving us with countless haunting self portriats-while considered disturbing by many-capture her in time and  in today's introspective landscape seem all the more relevant as a mirror of ourselves.

"I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you."

Her "style" was necessity-a victim of polio-Frida wore corsets and long skirts to hide the ravages to her  body from that disease and as a teenager a near death crash that would set off a lifetime of surgeries and bed rest.

"My painting carries with it the message of pain."

from the exhibit

all images above are of Kahlo's wardrobe

Jean Paul Gaultier (below) and Rei Kawakubo have been  inspired by the artist and some of their pieces are included in the exhibition-

Who will be inspired next? There is not doubt Kahlo's sartorial choices will appear on runways in the next seasons as homage to a women who knew that being fashionable was often accompanied by self torture-Kahlo's was not from desire but need.

Read more about Her house-now a museum and the exhibition is being held there.
Read more about the VOGUE cover  here



  1. Replies
    1. I agree-would love to see this one, and more. Isn't her style just in tune with today? I love her fierce natural instinct for life. pgt

    2. I remember my heart leapt with much JOY...seeing her small self portrait with a monkey hanging in the entrance hallway to a home I cherished much...it made my sale to Madonna mean much more - not too mention the Bacon's and Rivera as well!

      San Angel has been on the bucket list...such A VERY VERY VERY LONG list!

  2. Went to show of her at the Museum of Natural History in Houston about 20 years ago. It was incredible. I can't believe some say she wasn't really an artist. I think she was every bit as good as her husband.

    1. I agree- but it's no surprise. Women always get this criticque when a husband is involved don't you think. What is so very intriguing is her brave self exploration-her ability to embrace it all in her art.

  3. fantastic - we've got her paintings in Toronto right now!!

    1. the house must be full of her presence. I am so intrigue by "house" museums and the atmospherics.Tell us what you think after you see them. pgt

  4. Love the Frida Kahlo images, PGT - Little Augury always has magnificent ones. It's a beautiful dichotomy: Kahlo's bright, colorful, and cheery clothing and paint colors - and the sometimes pained impressions her paintings emit.

    The mysterious Vogue cover link you added was also an interesting read.

    With such a mellifluous full name - Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderon - that suits the elaborate and almost-rhythmic appearance of her artistic style and folkloric dress.

    Having read The Secret Life of Salvador Dali not long ago, your You Should Know - Frida Kahlo post reminds me of him. There seems to be no editing or censoring of her creative output.

    And I agree with both DB's and your comments that she was wholly an artist - through and through. The "married artist" conundrum is also - as you pointed out - something one notices seeing the documentary film Charles and Ray Eames: The Architect and The Painter.

  5. Just love the juxtaposition of this incredibly modern woman in traditional garb. The movie was great for the clothes as much as anything. Yulia Tymoshenko reminds me of Frida - strong ties to her cultural heritage and yet indomitably modern in her approach to life. I wish I could zip down to Mexico and see the exhibition.

    1. I am going to see the movie again for that very reason. Her art always stops me in my tracks. I had not thought of Yulia Tymoshenko as to FK-but it fits! pgt



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