30 January 2013

a stitch in TIME viii : & a little more

an exceptional needlewoman.

with a large canvas,photographed by Tony Vaccaro

with McQueen, Ali MacGraw threading the needle

a hat by hand, Ali MacGraw in LOVE Story

 & in an elaborate crochet cap-stylin at the Academy Awards in '71.
(had to have made that!)

So-I've said ALI was my idyllic beauty as a 10 year old. I think my Mother complimented me-saying I reminded her of ALI. No doubt it was my full intense brow at the time. Thanks Mom, it made an impression-and besides she was nice-I thought. I've not changed my mind about that, she loved intensely-still has her own intense authentic style & is a crazy animal lover-she's an activist in fact. 

ALI is still stitching-she's created a pattern with Marion Foale yarns to benefit the Wildlife Emergency Relief Fund-here's the KIT.

does anyone knit? make mine 090- Dark Olive
I think it will go perfectly with my winter coats here

though this 060-Dark Red might be nice for a change.




  1. Gaye this is wonderful; I don't know why I had no idea that Ali knit!

    I named my daughter Jennifer afterAli's screen name Jennifer in Love Story!

    2013 Artists Series

  2. Times sure have changed, can you imagine any of today's Hollywood elite on the red carpet with such a faf crocheted hat??? Don't get me wrong, I think Ali looked WAY more beautiful then, not like what I sometimes see now!

  3. Yes, I loved her too. I remember reading she put together a fabulous wardrobe on a shoestring with her then husband, Robert Evans dumbfounded by how little she spent and how great she looked. as a devoted needlepointer myself it's so nice to see her with her canvas. I wish we saw more of her now. I suspect she has aged with grace.

  4. My mother taught me to do needlepoint when I was twelve, and I still love it. Alas, I don't know how to knit or else I'd be busy on that hat as soon as I could get my mitts on the wool and the instructions. Obviously we need to cultivate some friends who knit.

    I may not comment often, but I enjoy each and every one of your posts.

    Thank you!


  5. There it is! The Hat! Only a few minutes ago I was telling my daughter about your entry yesterday about Love Story, and Ali McGraw and The Hat and we enjoyed a several moments of "I love that movie!" (from daughter - I didn't know she loved that movie) and I told her about my obsession with Ali's Love Story hat way back when, before she was born, and one thing led to another, and she came here to your blog, saw the cap, loves it, and because I can knit - but badly! - she thinks I should try one. Oh dear, I don't know about that. I knit flat things not round things. But I love the photo, that's It, the beloved hat. Thank you Gaye, again - you provide me with so many good memories, so many good book suggestions (I'm reading The Vanderbilt Women), and so much beauty, in words and pictures - all I can do is say 'thank you' and I wish you knew how woefully inadequate that is. There's snow outside today, a perfect Ali McGraw in the Snow with The Hat, kind of day. It's all rather perfect, you know? - pbb

  6. Love this! She is such a beauty. And I had no idea about her needlework. She was my idyllic beauty also and I wanted to look like her.

  7. Lordy!! Guilty! will edit right away!


  8. PGT, love this post - with Ali, the embroidery, the knitting, the toboggan cap... some people don't understand me when I talk about a toboggan, wondering if I want a sled to wear on my head - heavens-to-betsy.

    Only recently I've been drawn to 70's needlepoint books - that whole handknit vibe, which has been pulsing for a good long time now - but this particular knit vibe of my own is most definitely something-70's, something about the knit-publications of that decade... they keep finding me, rather than me finding them. One, a book - is chock-full of florally-crewel-embroidered furniture - magnificent!

    I am in search of happy - so you know, I've never even seen Love Story... supposedly a sad ending - n'est-ce pas - but I love seeing Ali among her yarns here at your post.

    One chic thing to do with a toboggan now, so I am told by the knowledgeable youth of the world, is to have the hat a little slouchy... so one might want to go for a tall toboggan and wear it so there's a bit of smurf-ish, languid pouf at the back of the noggin.

  9. the photo with him...is painfully beautiful...



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