11 January 2013

Seeking Sargent

& wouldn't Sargent have been brilliant painting her-in the Madame X vein?

Christian Lacroix Spring 2009 Couture



  1. Sargeant would have married her. Gorgeous....skinny, tall and beautiful.
    I have loved all of your "Seeking Sargeant" posts. Thank you. Mary
    Seeking Velazquez??

  2. no doubt about it! He would have loved it...

  3. I walked by Christian Lacroix's house here in Arles and the lights were on. I wish that he was in Paris instead, whipping up confections such as this.

    1. CL must be creating wherever he is. I loved his storybook- and anything he puts his finger tips too. pgt

  4. How wonderful your guest in Provence just walked by Lacroix's home lit within. I could just wish I had purchased a little Garouste and Bonetti chair from his salon in Paris at the auction a couple of years ago...who sat in those seats awaiting confections of Spain and 18thC Goya dreams mixed with Catholicism.

    I'm glad though to have his sweater tee with jeweled cross as seen on the first issue cover of Vogue 1987 of the beginning of La Wintours reign...he is greatly missed, and would be wonderful as the new head of Schiaparelli.



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