16 January 2013

the gospel according to Miles


 Miles Redd portrait Courtesy of Cameron Krone 

it's a Big book- THE BIG BOOK OF CHIC-but more likely it will be henceforth known as the Book of Miles, the gospel according to Miles.

it has captured the design world and led many to recommit themselves...to beautiful rooms,
heavy on the traditional,
light in mood
& steeped in CHIC.

holy smokes-
it's BIG!
 & CHIC.

to my regret, I did not get my Big Book til this month.
the first batch went like Manna- from heaven.
parties & book signings had devotees flocking to meet MILES and get THE BIG BOOK OF CHIC so I had to wait.
Miles said he was waiting for more copies too-I felt better.

I told you it was BIG.
TALL: 13+ inches.
HEAVY: 6+ pounds.
& every page full of inspiration.


"Honor your Father and your Mother."
Miles had me at the dedication. "For my mother and father. Who gave me this wonderful life."
Accompanying this dedication is a beautiful photograph of Miles' parents exiting the church after their wedding. All of the fabulous photographs in this story are from Assouline-and since this photograph was not included-Here are my parents just after they were married.

"The joys of parents are secret, and so are their grieves and fears." Francis Bacon

 You see-Miles and I agree about family. I couldn't have said that better myself. When Miles and I met last year we immediately hit if off. Not just our Southern roots-but something about how those roots go deep and connect us to our families. Today, Miles shares a gorgeous townhouse in New York with his sister-her husband and their son.

A tradition past in the South-families maintaining a house where they live together-happily-harmoniously- and yes, for many necessity-but not even this can dampening spirits nor limiting a capacity for living with CHIC! It's also a longstanding tradition in Europe. Miles is a family guy-& that's a lot of what we chattered about for most of the evening.


Along with Family, Miles venerates the Masters of our Universe-Sargent, Richard Avedon, Rene Gruau,Cecil Beaton, Nancy Mitford, Truman Capote, Horst-they're all there-making repeated cameos  in the book.

"Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with variety." Francis Bacon


Pauline de Rothschild-the color in her Chateau Mouton Library

 Syrie Maugham's certain inexplicable "je ne sais quoi"


I'm a Believer. 
Sir Francis' always guides my little augury stories-and ideas.

Who Can Argue with HJ?


 "Studies serve for delight, for ornaments, and for ability." Sir Francis Bacon

Miles' devoted followers will revel in the collection of his design work set against a backdrop of  people, personalities, celebrities and quotations that have inspired his life & work. His choices-to no surprise are just what we expect-
& Love.
It is all in THE BIG BOOK OF CHIC.

all photographs used with permission from Assouline
photography for the book by Paul Costello.



  1. This book is just the best. I find every photo purely inspiring and delightful. It tops my list for 2012. ADORE!

  2. headed to Atlanta at the end of the month to hear him speak along with three girlfriends. So excited. His use of color and texture...true art

  3. Thanks for this, Gaye! I'm obsessed with this man's work. Whwn I'm stumped about something in my own house, I actually think "What would Miles do?" LOL. Perfect for a gray and snowy day in Boston.

  4. My most favorite post!!

    This book (Actually and physically "takes my breath away"!!
    the mystery of comfort, history warmth, and drama........it is all there! It is a kind of "witchcraft"; (the "good witch" way) that he has plucked!!! And all those geniuses of the past! Yikes! They will never be forgotten!!

    Brilliant beyond!!

    I have to take it in slowly! (I cannot look at it all at once! It is so incredibly personal and so global!!)
    ( A bit of a brag here....really way more about him than me!)

    I met Miles when he was 19!! (I am sure he doesn't remember)! 22 years ago? I do not remember !He was working at John Rosselli and going to school!

    After chatting with him; I knew this was someone who knew A LOT!

    I asked him to make me a "catalogue"; (anyone who has seen the old 4 floor "John Rosselli" will know this was an almost "impossible" task! )

    (because I live in California....and the first time I ever went to John Rosselli; I missed my plane!!) I knew that everything I wanted for all my clients in Pasadena ,
    California was there........all of it......every single thing. Honestly. It is still true! between John's store, and Bunny's Treillage!! "one stop shopping!!"

    I knew I could not fly back to New York once a week! (this was when business was booming!)

    He did it! I still have it!! It was the best (I think 250 dollars??) I have ever spent! He said, when he sent it, "I bet you can sell this!; It has never been done!"
    He is a talented, darling, warm and wonderful guy! I am beyond thrilled by his success! I could not happen to a nicer, warmer and more authentic person!

    Bravo!! To you, Gaye! And to Miles!

    It truly is correctly named by you, GAYE!!! The "gospel according to Miles"!!

    Correct title. I can tell you (and you know because you have met him; this is the LAST thing he would ever say about himself!

    I am beyond delighted at all of his success;

    thank you for this wonderful post!!


  5. But what is the inspiration for that curious title, where does it come from?! Dear Augury please find out.



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