04 January 2013

why don't you?

join me here

 so what if we're 18 months late!




  1. oh, I loved that! he was just fabulous, simple lines, very regal and elegant.

  2. One of my favorite designers. In another life, while living in Spain I purchased a couple of Balenciaga (off the rack) dresses--I still have them and wear them. And the Reina Sofia is still gorgeous. Thanks,

  3. Did you sign up for your monthly newsletter? It's really very informative not too mention the videos...which show the magic behind the display and the tender care in maintenance and restoration.

    A jewel of a building!

  4. I don't see Nicolas Ghesquiere or Charlotte Gainsbourgh in the bunch. I'd love to go there except I'd have to dress up.

  5. THere are some add'l videos on their channel and yes they are great. I didn't know about this site-obvious right, especially since I missed the opening. I can not imagine a prettier place for his work. pgt

  6. i've been when they first conceived of it...even the house was not completely ready. you can see all the bay of biscay from the windows.
    it is worth going if you are in pais vasco.
    he is their jewel, and very few people know he was from there it seems



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