22 February 2013

Margaret Duchess of Argyll

drawing by Cecil Beaton

it might be because I just bought her autobiography -Forget Not- that I'm seeing things-
Her likeness on the Runway?
in London
at Louise Gray

 Margaret Duchess of Argyll (1912-1993),
 photographed in her apartment at the Dorchester in 1981 by Tim Mercer

"Always a poodle, only a poodle! That, and three strands of pearls!"- 
"Together they are absolutely the essential things in life.

The poodles never got her in the trouble the signature three strands of pearls did-but she is someone to know -to read about -the good, the bad,and the ugly.

 more after the book-in the meantime, read her telegraph obituary



  1. I met her at a small lunch given by my friend who died recently in London. It was in the late 80s in Hong Kong, and she still looked very polished. I subsequently knew her grandson, and her estranged daughter. A rather sad a pathetic life, I'm afraid. Much money and beauty, but not a lot of happiness.

  2. fabulous and fascinating.......what stories she could tell!!

  3. Love this: "Unfortunately I am only too aware that I am still the same gullible, impulsive, over-optimistic 'Dumb Bunny', and I have given up hopes of any improvement." Isn't there an opera about her in NYC right now?!

  4. Check out her Dinner Party book at Cookbook Of The Day -- http://cookbookoftheday.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-dinner-party-book.html
    If it is not in the little augury collection, be on the look out.

  5. Good call! I can see it. It ties in with the previous post -all very Edward Gorey-future-glam.

  6. Gaye I will definitely read her book, Thank you!

    2012 Artists Series

  7. now There was a woman in need of a decent press office and a blog of her own.


  8. things being a busy this week-I took this little glimpse and ran with it, So glad the Duchess brought out some of my favorite readers-and thank you for doing so. What an intriguer-the more I read the more I want to know more, seems Margaret was one who had trouble with too much of a good thing-though in today's world her sins would be on the tame side, what with all the sex tapes making its "stars" famous. TeamGloria-hits it on the head!



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