04 March 2013

Charlotte Moss at Doyle

the large & small.

Something important is happening in the Design World this week. Charlotte Moss is selling pieces from her personal Collection at Doyle Galleries on March 7th-Thursday morning at 10. Doyle has made it easy to have something large or small from Charlotte's Collection.
Read about the Auction and Charlotte here.
View the Catalog online here
(If you want to bid Live or Absentee all that can be easily arranged with Doyle- It really is easy,but get busy)

Charlotte will be signing books at Doyle in conjunction with the Auction on March 5 Tuesday night-
Read more here

The table above is Lot 5107, a Chinese Style Cream Painted Low Table Inset with a Chinese hand painted wallpaper panel. (estimate $400 to 600)

This is sure to be the most coveted of the Auction, Lot 5094 a Set of De Gournay Hand-Painted Indian Tea Paper Wallpaper Panels. Each decorated with flowering trees in porcelain pots, lined with muslin. This is a large collection of panels-and I've not doubt most Dining Rooms will accommodate them with room to spare. (estimate $2000 to 4000)
These are from Charlotte's New York Dining Room, can't wait to see the new incarnation!

You can be sure we'll be seeing new rooms in Charlotte's own spaces in the coming months...

 Here are My Favourites from the Sale, and it was hard to stop here!

Indeed the most practical of all things for me in the auction is Lot 5386 a Regency Style Mahogany Folio Stand (estimate $200 to 300)

Lot 5293 French Shagreen and Steel Cafe Table.The oval top raised on folding supports (estimate $2000 to 3000) Adore this table!

Lot 5196 , 20th Century School Trompe L'Oeil of Letters, Sheet Music and Instruments
& 20th Century School, Trompe L'Oeil of Barber Tools (estimate $800-1200)

I love this pair of Lamps, Lot 5058  a Pair of Chinese Style Brown and White Glazed Porcelain Vases
Each mounted as a lamp, with a silk shade. Height 18 inches.
(estimate $600-900) I think Lamps are the most important addition to a room-certainly for most people it comes as close to "sculpture" in their rooms.

another Lot 5203 a Group of Horn Cups and Small Dishes with approximately 23 pieces seems like a WOW way to start a collection or round one out. I use the ones I've collected to hold pencils, earrings-So I feel these would be practical too-don't tell me any differently. (estimate $300-500)

 Lot 5097  a Set of Atelier du Vieil APT Green Marble Glazed Faience Table Articles-comprising eighteen teacups and saucers, three large cups, four small plates and eight knife rests.(estimate $400 to 600) I remember seeing pieces of this style early on in Charlotte's books-I've always associated it with her.

I love this Pair of Louis Philippe Iron Candlesticks Lot 5279, Each foliate standard on three paw feet, with a fire fan. Height 8 1/2 inches. I have a collection of sorts of candlesticks-odds and pairs-You can never have too many.

Lot 5278 French Zinc Jardiniere with four ring handles (estimate $300-500)-at top, & Lot 5178
Neoclassical Style Zinc Jardiniere urn form (estimate $400-600) Both are sure to have magical growing powers being that they've been in Charlotte's collection....this is not stated in the auction description.

& don't forget the curtains... Lot 5003 a Set of Three De Gournay Hand-Painted Silk Curtain Panels
Each decorated with flowering trees in porcelain pots, with jade rings and lined in silk; And a Gilt and Carved Wood Curtain Rod.(estimate $1000-2000)
Gorgeous! What better than to say these were Charlotte Moss's or that was Charlotte's!
Don't let the fact that your room is not complete to perfection at the moment-or an edition to your collection or the start of a collection doesn't have the sweep of Charlotte Moss's. 
As she says-"I have been collecting and decorating for a long time and the time has come to edit, do some redecorating, and make room for new purchases of my own."   
It's time for you to make a start or complete the story too-I think.
& as this quote from Charlotte sums it up...
see the COLLECTION at Doyle HERE, and thank you to Doyle for the Auction descriptions-In Italics 



  1. Another completely brilliant post!

    'There are three things (if that; and they all involved antlers)! that I did not like in this entire auction!

    I love, love love all of it!

    I think the estimates will all be off by at least one zero! Perhaps two or three zeros!!!

    Great post about a very, very newsworthy auction of personal taste; by a "tastemaker"!

    Did you see the "Mark Birley" auction?? (speaking of tastemakers!")

    Lordy!! I believe this man had the best taste of anyone in the 20th century!!!

    (how about that for an opinion!) I truly believe that!! I went to London in the mid-eighties with my mother in law! (she took 17 of us; age 3 to 73) in 1982 on the QE2 to London! We stayed at Claridges; we went to Wimbeldon; and to Annabelle's and the Mark's Club in London! then more later!
    Mark Birley designed Annabelles and Mark's Club' In the late 70's and more after!) He guided the membership; he was a genius of decorating; and running the best of an exclusive business!

    (I rarely say that!)

    He was the "it" person of taste..and if you look you will see why!

    (PERSONAL. Completely!!! visiting those clubs showed me brilliant decorating in a "club that felt like a house"!! in the early 80's (1982!)!!)He collected every pillow, every accessory; every everything! I am hoping this place is documented on the internet!

    Mark Birley I think is the best! His personal collection is going with Sotheby's; London, March 21. I was choked up just reading through it.

    I had to keep stopping. He loved dogs; he loved people, he loved art, he loved collecting; He loved life!!! And life loved him back!!!!

    It is the most exquisite collection of beauty; gorgeous stuff, and meaning I have ever seen!

    He was a wonder! He fit more things into a space that one would think possible ! Fortunately; his catalogue showed the things "in situ"! KEY!
    Peek at it online!
    Seriously.....what taste and style and comfort. and that is exactly why his clubs were successful!

    Now London is a different place....(a very sad ending for him and his sons....)
    His collection is the best of the best to me! and every single solitary thing in it had meaning to him! (the secret of collecting and decorating!)
    And will you ever love how he displayed! OMILORD!!!
    I will save this catalogue of this auction forever!

    and be sure to read the excerpts!
    they tell the whole story!



    Thank you for the great post!!


  2. Oh, I wish. I think that the estimates are fairly low--there might be some great deals to be had.

  3. LOVE that daybed *sighs*

    oh for a long afternoon with a pile of books on decorative art in the early to mid eighteenth century and endless supplies of tea with tiny pink fondant icing gems in sugar with a hint of creme.


    thank you for the daydream.



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