24 March 2013

just right...

"It saddens me to see you so upset... but could you please tell me who makes that sofa you're crying all over?"After the Misdeed. Jean Beraud. (1885-1890)

When I start looking for the perfect sofa for a client-I know exactly what I want them to have. Something stylish, but not, (oh no, never trendy or too modern,) and did I mention stylish?

At times it seems our conversation goes something like this:
"This sofa is too big!" she exclaimed.
So she sat in the second one.
"This sofa is too big, too!"  she whined...
"too hard."
"too soft." 
So she tried the last sofa.
"Ahhh, just right," she sighed.

See I told you this wouldn't be too hard!
It is tricky though-since anything worth having must be custom ordered and most often is not sitting around a showroom floor waiting to be tested. My client must rely on accurate measurement and me-to get it Just Right.

The sofa in Beraud's painting is eye catching. I love the fabric-(I think Mohair or silk velvet) my personal fabric of choice. I also like the deep seat. This measurement always becomes crucial in thinking about how the sofa is to be used.

It's been a while since I lounged looking like this (never). Helmut Newton's model is sitting on a beautifully broken in mohair velvet sofa

Does anyone actually SIT on a sofa? Yes, they do-but I recline and often the loose cushions in the back of said sofa prohibit a good nap -and in my case sharing the sofa with my Beloved-The Dog. When my Moses was getting older, (Me too), I took the three back cushions Off-that was about 5 years ago. Never have they made it back to the couch. Point taken-I do not like cushions in the back of a sofa-preferring to add some pillows to it when sitting straight up on the cushions or for propping up. If you don't believe me try it-I bet you'll be adding pillows to prop on and tossing off the cushion backs permanently. My dogs have never been content to share the couch but to dominate and stretch out alongside me-before the cushions were cleared out I oft times felt as if I were going to end up on the floor. I say, when the Dog is Happy,  I adjust.

Here's a sofa from LEE that I think is great looking & hope to use in a current project-

Hope you are sitting pretty or at least very comfortably.


  1. Would love to try a mohair covered sofa and for us with bad knees, a couple of inches higher really helps. I went with a sofa from Ethan Allen just because it was 2 inches higher than all the others I could find.

  2. Donna, I worked at EA for a while in NC many, many -many years ago. they do a good job of walking you through the process! I stretch out-as I'm doing right now! pgt

  3. I don't like cushions on my sofa either aesthetically, but I like to sit up staight... usually. A little foot stool comes in nicely. What a painting - and could we call that a footed or leggy scarf?!! At first I thought she was crying on a furry someone's lap. Wonderful!

  4. Replies
    1. Katie, Me too-to Ethan Allen? or wanting a mohair sofa? either way one was good experience dealing with every sort of person and the other will last forever, which suits me! pgt

  5. I have always loved the blue color of the velvet sofa in Pauline de Rothschild’s library.

    As a short person, a sofa with too much depth can be uncomfortable to sit on...though not for my cat.

    1. J.W yes, that is just beautiful! I hear this from several clients, but her companion is a dog! At least someone is blissfully comfortable. pgt

  6. I just had the legs raised on a sofa for my parents who are in their 80's- (and the skirt dropped using a wide braid)- they can now use it again- works for just about any upholstered piece of furniture-also a firmer cushion is a huge help-

    1. Now that is ingenious-even Goldilocks would be comfortable! I love this idea, and will remember it for my Mother. thanks pgt

  7. That sofa in the painting is so perfect! Sigh.
    Minerva ~



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