28 March 2013

just wild about Howard


 this is "Howard"

lately you can find me prowling around Pinterest.

I know I was a skeptic, and it is a gaping rabbit hole Alice never dreamed of-but you do meet the most fascinating people.I've often admired the work of Howard Slatkin, especially his own home. It's one of my favorite sets of rooms to date, and I refer to again and again. Howard Slatkin's collection of carpets at Stark is just brimming with intricate pattern-but it's subtle. His apartment strikes me in the same way-there's an opulence to be sure-but it is understated-in just the right way.

 the Slatkin apartment

 the pattern "Pauline", above & below

 another pattern I just love is "Henri."

the hand-embroidered carpet 'Liliane' was used by Slatkin in the home of Laura and Harry Slatkin, Howard's brother.

photo credits to Douglas Friedman, from Harper's Bazaar August 2012 here

a Patchwork of Patterns from Slatkin's Collection

& it's exciting to note that a book is on its way this Fall!

I can hardly wait, but til the book's debut, Howard is here, and & better yet here on Pinterest...


  1. Gaye I adore the Pauline in the wine shades1
    Art by Karena

  2. I have no carpet in my home. I would love to have area rugs, but I have dogs. The only way I could have an area carpet is to have plastic under it and buy it very cheaply. I wouldn't want to tempt them. Oh, that fourth picture from the bottom.

  3. Adore the room vignette shot by Douglas Friedman. Wonderful patterns for Stark collection and another gem to add to my ever growing book list! ox

  4. Lovely! Already added it to my Amazon.com wish list!

  5. Alright so you made me do it. Succumb. Sign up. Pinterest. A rabbit hole, indeed, and I've thus far managed not to register, just to peek. Now, I'm done for and I know it. What I do is take the pictures that people pin on pinterest, but I'm afraid now I'll be pinning, not photographing. Gaye, you've shown me the road to gorgeous ruin - and I thank you. And by the way, I love the embroidery inspirations that Howard put together. Such exquisite colors! I've long admired embroidery, especially the very large pieces (I've seen at one museum full draperies, on heavy linen, one for each season) - well, that kind of attention to detail and color takes my breath away. I so look forward to the book.



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