18 March 2013

sweet dreams


It's in Style- I love the pajama top as a blouse. It means blissful sweet dreaming all day.
Marc Jacobs, for Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 has something else in mind...
Something wild, something red
 Diana Vreeland referred to it as a "garden in Hell."

Diana Vreeland in her Billy Baldwin decorated apartment- by her own decree "a garden in Hell."
photograph by HORST

* quote linked in text and here from Diana Vreeland here
Marc Jacobs from Vogue here



  1. I love, love , love DV's "garden in hell"; created by Billy Baldwin!

    Not so much those pajamas !

    Love you! Will I see you this week?


  2. I just watched the documentary this past weekend "the eye has to travel". I love the reference here on Marc's pajamas and want a pair of my own now! haha

  3. Pajamas , yes! PERFECT to snuggle on my newly acquired faux Voysey bench like Mrs. Higgins, a grace de toi.



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