17 March 2013

top o' the morin' to ya!

it takes a Lot o'Luck


Mia Farrow



  1. Oh, those eyes!!
    We Irish must stick together. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  2. This was a girl with a beautiful face! I think I am close to the same age!

    She married Frank Sinatra! sheesh! ( Lots of courage!) (he was 40 or close years older!!)

    She adopted many children from the Viet Nam "baby lift" at the end of the war in Viet Nam;
    Americans "baby lifted 'mixed race babies'" (That meant that American servicemen had fathered babies with Vietnamese mothers! Americans knew these"{mixed race" babies would face terrible peril in Viet Nam growing up!!)

    I consider it one of our proud moments....There were people(nurses and medics) who took the babies offered to them from the mothers (can you imagine??) to fly them to the United States!! It was called "Operation Babylift"! These mothers gave up their babies because they knew they would be "stigmatized" in their own country!
    I applied for a baby! I fervently hoped to get one! (I can't remember how many there were!)
    I did not get one! I had one child!! Mia got a few!!

    She did a great service by adopting all these children! she went on to adopt more orphans. Of wars. Many.
    I have admired her all my life!


  3. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    The photographer is genius, Mia is beautiful and that eye!



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