23 April 2013



The genius of Lacroix will be back in Fashion as he designs a 15 piece homage to SCHIAPARELLI. Diego Della Valle,owner of Schiaparelli. will unveil Lacroix's interpretation of Schiap's Surrealist wanderings in July. Combined with Schiaparelli's sharp tailoring & wit the collection will launch the house's 21st century revival. It is surely to be a schooling in Schiaparelli History with Lacroix as its Professor with wand. What a brilliant move from the house.

from Suzy Menkes NY Times piece about Lacroix and Schiaparelli:
“I would not have signed up for a revival of Schiaparelli, whom I love for the idea that she is midway between fashion and history, between costume and couture, the past and the life of today. I was always attracted to her since I was first offered her book ‘Shocking Life’ 40 years ago. I am fascinated most of all by what people talk of least when they speak of her work. It is brought down to a caricature, forgetting her eccentricity, her innovative fabrics, even a certain sense of purity.
“That is what I want to find again.” (texted Link to the entire article)


  1. I always thought HE made the most sense to revive Schiap. At a dinner not too long ago, I sat with a famous actress who longed to play Schiap on film and was in talks with DDV. She, I hope will be the ONE to bring this story into the 21stC...with I HOPE, Lacroix's Eye and Vision!

    Can you imagine...I know this is SUPER.

  2. Fantastic! Gorgeous images! Her story of her life and the world of fashion are incomparable!
    Have a great week
    Jamie Herzlinger

  3. OOh, I have my pouf skirt. Burying myslef in Norman Parkinson book, wow.



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