28 May 2013

home sweet home

Always attracted to these artists' renderings-the idyllic house of the 1920's and 1930's depicted on countless Christmas cards, adverts, and magazine covers, I found one of my own.



  1. Love the old cottage look. I've heard there are some great ones in Carmel. Is that your new house? Would love to see pics of yours.

    1. Hi Donna, I've been here since 06-the house was built in the late 20's. My last was a stucco built in the teens.pgt

  2. Great house and garden...and a very cute dog :)

  3. Beautiful. I always find myself braking when in a neighborhood of these romantic cottages.

  4. I think YOU know how lucky you are too own a house so charming and PERFECT for your Soul to dwell within. The Universe has gifted you much, enjoy the Beauty!

  5. for me, I have to say, it has a whole lot to do with the pillows -- anyone can stack pillows, but to stack them in receding, ascending layers of elevation: that takes the life-preserver that they are (to the exhausted or sybaritic spirit) to the very rational extent of tossing them overboard, within the likely radius of the aspiring arm. their coexistence with the animal is an even surer sign of their reservation for our species; and that is optimistic!

  6. I absolutely adore this house and its garden!!!



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