18 June 2013

BRITT, brilliant in Veranda

Veranda's team of Carolyn Englefield, Max Kim-Bee and Frances Schultz are going to take Veranda's August readers on a trip to interior designer Thomas Britt's Hamptons home. Not just any trip-a trip through rustic beamed ceilings, white washed walls, exotic embroideries, worn leather and al fresco dining (of course!, it is the Hamptons after all.)  Thomas Britt didn't just start working on this house- one look at the Kim-Bee images will tell you that. It's as a house should be-refined over the years and Frances Schultz tells Britt's story of decades of living in and entertaining in his beloved retreat.

Thanks to Veranda for the sneak peek. I promise-it will be hard to wait for the rest of the story...

Britt's sun drenched Living Room

Britt's AMAZING sheik-worthy tented bed!, 
polished floors, 
pool blue walls, 
and bedroom with a red leather poster bed- above & below.

Rooms that have evolved-are the best rooms-obvious- in the next Veranda, on sale June 25th.



  1. Oh, my! I like the look of that red leather bed! I look forward to the August issue.

  2. Hi Gaye,

    I haven’t visited in awhile, what a treat to have a back-log of lovely posts to read on LA! I enjoyed this one very much. Love those red-stripe-bordered drapes and matching slipcover in Thomas Britt’s bedroom. Not to mention the summery blue walls. But I don't know if I could actually sleep in the shiek's bed. Looking forward to seeing the whole article, thanks for the peek!

    Speaking of the Hamptons, I just ordered a (used) copy of Stephen Gaines’ Philistines at the Hedgerow: Passion and Property in the Hamptons, a “voyeuristic” social history of the Hamptons. Have you read it? Sounds like perfect summer reading. Currently reading Nick Haslam’s “Redeeming Features,” definitely a page-turner.

    Also, I want to bring a blog to your attention, that I discovered a few days ago and can’t get enough of. It’s called Inspiration, put up by Ben Pentreath, a young British architect, artist, designer and owner of an eponymous London shop chock-full of delightful things for the home. Going through his posts, I immediately thought of LA. He has a house in Dorset, with a garden to die for! If you’ve never seen his blog, please do visit, I guarantee you will love it!


    PS I have started posting again to my Collagitation blog, I am preparing for a small exhibit of paintings in the fall--in a bar in Pittsburgh's Cultural District, LOL!

  3. Gaye, continuing to peruse Ben Pentreath's blog, I find that he has published a book, Enlish Decoration, with a foreward by Nicholas Haslam. Oh, I love these unanticipated connections that happen amongst personages I admire!! Along the same lines, belated congratulations on LA being mentioned in the Life,Style, etc interview with Mr. Haslam. I only just followed the link. Well done!


  4. That fanfare of red glimpsed at the end of the swimmingly blue hallway - oh yes!



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