01 July 2013



Welcome to my world on bloglovin' !

I confess I am woefully behind in keeping up with the blogs I read.
I've imported my google reader (why, when something works-does google kill it?) to bloglovin'.

Though I've followed several blogs through it-I've added the google reader blogs I follow.
 I received my first newly minted blog list today-and my my my-(as auntie mame would say), I need to edit! While I do lots of editing other places-I have not done anything with google reader in years? could it be? According to bloglovin' I am following over 300 blogs?

so I'm juggling it all as best I can. how about you?

Surely 200 is a fair number to follow-do you think I can be so brutal as to strike 100?
what do I fear?
...that rather than purging I fear I will be holding on and adding more.

to be continued...

Little Augury is NOW fully plugged into bloglovin!
I like the format of the daily email bloglovin' sends and it was a so easy to import-so do it now.

Here is where you will find me ..at bloglovin'
little augury here
ottoline divine here

coming soon little agury, gavatar, (don't ask, because at the moment I don't think I am able to 'splain.)


  1. I had the same problem..haha - times change and so do blogs and/or I suppose. Change is needlessly hard *sigh*

  2. I am now at BlogLovin, too. And I have some serious editing ahead of me! It needs a long evening and a good thick glass of chardonnay.

  3. As someone who only READS blogs with an occasional COMMENT...I am stumped by what all this means! I don't Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, exercise, diet or save for a rainy day! HELP me and those alike who have no IDEA what all this doomsday chatter is coming from ALL of my favorite Internet Authors!


    1. I don't want you to worry-I know dearest Swan you will find me! many devoted readers follow by getting posts via google-a "reader" sends all the blogs one is following in an email etc. bloglovin is providing the same service and since google shut theirs down-I want to be sure readers are not deprived of little augury posts...etc etc.
      xxoo pgt

  4. Yes why does Google have to bog things up. I never had any problem with GFC.
    Oh well, I guess they don't feel it necessary to explain. When you come over please
    follow on Bloglovin (?)

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