03 July 2013

day 3 of the Battle


 150 years since Gettysburg

the blue. the grey.
Death did not observe the color of their cloth.
over 7000 lives were lost in the early days of summer,1863.

negative of Timothy H. O'Sullivan, who photographed the battle fields from July 4th to July 7th, 1863.

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  1. The Civil War has been very neglected in books. (I may be wrong about that) I may be the culprit!

    My "Granny" (completely beloved Granny) was from Alabama. She was a"Daughter of the Confederacy"; and a "Daughter of the Revolution"
    I could be; also!

    I think I will! I have all the documentation! And I will report!

    Do you think they will be happy when I show up?

    We shall se! I am proud!

    Tell me what you think!!

    1. PB, Me as well and it is all down on paper-we may need a Revolutionary Club of our own! I know you will be welcome. It is the stories that we love from our Grannies and greatG's and those that are passed down from these eras-be is south or north that keep us near to them. I have many-surely you too.pgt



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