20 August 2013

an Opera by Horst


the images of  HORST, be it Cy Twombly's palazzo in Rome, Gloria Vanderbilt in New York , Pauline de Rothschild's flat in London, her triumphant French Mouton, the London rooms of Princess Radizwill, all
have irrevocably  effected-and gratefully so- my eye.
What is a beautiful room, timeless design? 
Rooms that are inhabited, this is how Horst photographed his rooms -in most cases- for Vogue, owners living within the beautiful room-with its timeless design. 

In an Italian Villa

an Opera
bel canto

 Maestro Horst P Horst

Liberetto by Valentine Lawford

Donna Marella Agnelli calls on a chorus of artisans from the region to restore her villa, along with a sextet of international experts.
 ...to the delight of all.

  prima Donna Marella Agnelli

 posing for Horst in style at the restored Villa Agnelli, 1967

Aside  "Everyone had such a good time, that the rooms were finished in three months."


detail of a rare Chinoiserie console-with Piedmontese objects on view, the polychrome bust is of Carlo Emanuele, Duke of Savoy and King of Sardinia, his father, Victor Amadeus II, commissioned architect Fillipo Juvara to design the eighteenth century hunting seat.


close up of the Rococo Piano Nobile, and in full-below


all photographs are by HORST, originally taken for VOGUE & published, January 1967



  1. Lovely - it's so funny that you rarely see a polychrome statue and yet 500 years ago most of them WERE polychrome....when did we become so dull and colorless as a society?

  2. I savored all of this, composed here as the program of an opera -brilliant. Love the shades like puffy clouds, infused with light; the rooms positively ambrosial.



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