05 August 2013

on the couch with Édouard

most Sofas- don't move me...his do.
most of Sofas seem to be "on the couch"- suffering from all the disorders one is treated for there.

His have all the qualities I want-in a Sofa.

Great Depth.

"The Rest, A portrait of Berthe Morisot"


"Madame Manet on a Blue Sofa"


 "Jeanne Duval, Baudelaire's Mistress"


"Woman with Fans"

Au Courant.

 "The Reader"

 Laid Back.

 "Young Woman Reclining in Spanish Costume"

 A Good SOFA is hard to find, No?



  1. It is the hardest piece of furniture for me to choose.

  2. Btrilliant! Love this post!

    Makes me get in my "uniform" and just stay there!
    Four times (in four years) a wonderful magazine.....(Trad Home twice; and Santa Barbara Magazine; and House Beautiful)

    I thought (and I think they thought) it was photographing the house! (not me!!)

    Well; in fact, I think all three times.....they did photograph me......and I had on the exact same white t-shirt, white long skirt, brown wide belt....even the same sandals.....

    My cousin said........"What the hell? don't you have any other clothes???" (she is a "fashionista! chicest in the land!!)

    Kinda like "the reader" in your post!

    I think it comes from the nuns. They were always so fashionable to my eye! (I am not Catholic; but the Catholic school saved me)!

    The sofas were fascinating.......and so was everything in this post!!


  3. Speaking of SOFAS...I saw one over the weekend to swoon over. Cedric Gibbons designed - for the apartment of John Gilbert in A WOMAN OF AFFAIRS - a Greta Garbo silent film from 1928. If you ever wished for one that is meant for a Visionaire's Repose, this was it!

  4. Yes it is. And a sofa is a sofa--I have no idea what "couch" means. Thanks for stating the truth of sofas.
    Have a wonderful week.



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