07 September 2013

autumn's waxing


Milton Avery's  Hint of Autumn


  1. Love the blue green and the fiery red! Your earlier posting featuring Avery and Rodin brought to mind the first time I had seen any of Rodins drawings/sketches - they were featured in a later Camera Works Magazine. Those who subscribed to Steiglitz's seminal magazine were angry to see the sculptors work as well as early Picasso sketches. The magazine was meant to focus on certain known Photographers, then ranked amongst Artists. The rarity of photography was then only practiced amongst the cognoscenti who saw their medium pushed aside for Impressionism, Cubism so in turn they withdrew their subscriptions from Camera Works which brought about its demise...all because of little drawings by Rodin!

  2. One of my favorites. I adore the bare necessity of color, shape, and composition. Perfection.



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