26 September 2013

stage presence

BEST Director...BEST Production...BEST Costumes...BEST Set Design in a magazine OCTOBER 2013 VOGUE

Grace Coddington styles Harold Pinter’s Betrayal -a tribute to the soon to be revived play on Broadway... 

the Players
model Karen Elson and actors Hugh Dancy and Michael Shannon

 Photographed by Annie Leibovitz

see the entire Production HERE


  1. When I saw & clicked on the small version of this image over on Stefan's blogroll, I didn't realize it was a photo: I thought it was a painting, and going by the combination of its high vantage point & diagonal composition, the low value-tone of the whole thing, the heavy, weird off-colors, the contrapposto--almost Baroque--arrangements of the individual bodies & the odd lack of interaction between any of them, I was fully expecting to find a between-the-wars painting by one of the Bloomsbury group, or, possibly a mid-century work by John Koch, and although it turned out to be neither of those things, this is nonetheless an amazingly powerful image. Of all the names in your post, without Googling them, I only know Pinter & Liebovitz, but even without Liebovitz' prior body of work, this single photo would establish her as a genius. I hereby declare myself her Number One Fan. As if that meant anything.

    1. Simply- I agree. You capture the allure of the photograph. I credit the work to stylist Grace Coddington-it is her vision and knowledge of all your observations that makes this shoot-and Vogue worth the price of a subscription. It is the one reason I still subscribe-when GRACE retires-Vogue will cease to be for me. She has written an autobio this year which is quite good. pgt



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