02 September 2013

that's LIFE:

September 3rd 1951

 Charles Beistegui's  Le Bal Oriental, at the Palazzo Labia.



  1. Years ago, my husband and I went to San Geremia...too see the relics of St. Lucy brought during the Sack of Constantinople. She wears a Silver mask and holds those eyes of hers on a tray while her waxen relics slumber within a crystal coffin . Next door connected by a now closed passageway, is the Palazzo Labia, owned by RAI.
    We entered the legendary Tiepolo room of Cleopatra and Antony peering down in their Venetian garb...a room that slumbers within its history - awakened now by only photos! Magical! Carlos de Bestigui!

  2. Hi there! And thank you!

    Lots of people alive today have never heard of this ball! (I was three years old! If my mother talked about it......(and I am totally sure she did! I would have no clue what she was talking about! She was 40; and she knew exactly what she was talking about!

    I learned later from her very sophisticated friends........she said........it was the "Ball of the Century!!" And most of all, she said.......the Italians loved, loved loved having such a beautiful and extravagant ball in their midst!
    It gave so many jobs to the florists, the artisans, the costume-makers!

    It was a glorious happy thing that happened in Venice!

    What a tragedy that the media? the country? the people?

    Do not welcome extravagant entertaining in Venice!

    No better place!!


  3. My kind of party! I would have fit right in my "festivity crown"!!!




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