29 October 2013

PURE Perry Ellis


Yes, Perry Ellis is BACK. Better- is that Possible?
Yes, in that the new PERRY ELLIS book is breathing PURE style-back into fashion.
It's smart, street-wise, Stylish-Classic-yet with no trumped up frills & fripperies.
It's PERRY ELLIS style.

This Summer I told you about the book-it's out now- PERRY ELLIS. The book launched with a star studded book signing at Parsons last week. Luckily, I have friends in high places-and he sent along these fantastic photographs of the collection of Perry Ellis's designs. According to this highly placed friend, it was "an incredible collection of 70 outfits that spanned the period of 1978 to 1985." From the photographs that publisher Rizzoli shared on their Facebook page-it was also a mad crush!

& from my first hand source, and practically the best, I'd say, here's a little background on his Perry Ellis Story.

"I first met PE in 1979 when he was looking for someone to launch his menswear business.  I walked into the interview with long hair (like him!) and wearing cowboy boots.  I spoke with a southern drawl, and we immediately connected.

As President, I built his men's biz.  After a year of success I was asked to become CEO of both men's and women's.  I was the brand architect for the segmentation of the brand. Later I became Managing Director of PE International and stayed through many illnesses and deaths. 

The party: it was a wonderful event at Parsons on Seventh Ave.   PE's two main assistants, Jed Krascella and Patricia Pastor, curated an incredible collection of 70 outfits that spanned the period of 1978 to 1985.  Their "Ex Animo" letter to Perry in the front of the book is both hilarious and heart breaking.  Many of the original team and crew were in attendance including former design assistants William Frawley, Richard Haines and Isaac Mizrahi."

I adore the Joy in these clothes-and How right they are today! Perry Ellis influences are in the streets of fashion every day. 

 I had several Perry pieces-as I mentioned-and for the things I didn't have-I remember working on my wardrobe to get the Perry Ellis Look. 

 (all photographs above are from Edward Jones III-with thanks)

There are young Perry Ellis women out there today. I'm thinking of those two Hovey Sisters-they seem to embody what Perry was-and still is-it's what PERRY ELLIS An American Original is all about. Authentic-
an over the shoulder glance at the past-
dashing through the city traffic-and very of the moment...

(the Hoveys- Porter & Hollister pictured above,at left, wrote the book Heirloom Modern, published by Rizzoli this Spring)

you can find the PERRY ELLIS An American Original  here.
and the Hovey's hang out here.



  1. Loved him. I had his English Pheasant bedding and loved it. Never did get any of his clothes. Guess that is for the best as I surely couldn't fit into any now.

    1. Donna, he used that same motif for his clothes. pgt

  2. Once again! A wonderful "point out" for a marvelous book!

    I can't wait to read it!

    some smarty-pants (in the best way) saw some comment I made (I think it was to YOU!!) and she interviewed me about when I met Perry.......(he was my dinner-partner twice.......in 5 days!) When I was a guest of Vogue....and part of a "Vogue Symposium"!!!

    a peak experience! I can't wait to read the book!!


    ps your blog is so great!! Thank you!!!

    1. Penelope, I just got my copy today and have just been looking at the photographs like I did when his clothes would debut in the magazines. I hope to read some of the interview. From now on I will be looking at everything from a very Perry point of view.

  3. I still wish I had two Perry Ellis coats I once had - a red chesterfield with a velvet collar and a wonderful floor-length gabardine raincoat. Love a Perry point of view!!! ox



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