15 December 2013

SISTERS, Sisters

 it's the Holidays-who doesn't love the classic movie "White Christmas?" My favorite song from the Irving Berlin musical is Sisters.

Joan Fontaine, who struck Oscar gold for her portrayal in Hitchcock's “Suspicion” died December 15, today at home. She was 96. Her role in Rebecca-another Hitchcock film is my favorite-and favorite movie too. According to her obituary in the LA Times-she became "almost as well-known for her lifelong feud with her famous older sister, Olivia de Havilland." Maybe in LA. Though the sisters did not speak after the 1970's I've no doubt the roles both coveted-won-and lost will be the things movie fans with big stars still in their eyes-like me-will remember.

Sisters-don't they always have issues with each other? Olivia the older sister by two years-lives on-a sibling rivalry probably does too.

  Photographs of Bob Landry, 1942.

 Requiescat in pace

 Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland
22 October 1917 − 15 December 2013

for the Sisters feud here
for Joan Fontaine's obituary here


  1. I admired them both so, so much as actresses!

    I am heartbroken that they had ,that hideous split! I would have "killed" for a sister.......I adore my brother (nine years older)

    I am mystified by what happened between them!! Was it their mother?
    How lucky they were to have "a sister"!!


    1. Penelope-check out the link posted-yes it seems their Mother was a key factor. Why indeed- when both were SO FAB! pgt

  2. As the older of two sisters I hope we never have a feud like these siblings. It would be a sad state indeed to me. We totally agree on "Rebecca", yet who could forget the role Olivia as the villain in "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte"...sounds like a great double feature to me. Great post.

    1. Adore adore Rebecca- for it all. du Maurier- the book tremendous, the casting by Hitchcock, sets, setting, and I love a mystery! de Haviland in GWTW as Melanie so memorable, a brilliant performance. With these assets I fail to understand all the animosity- but then again I don't have a Sister, my mother had 3 older ones.

  3. So sad to hear of her passing. I shared a patio table with Joan at the Highlands Inn and we discussed weather while waiting for guests to arrive. What a thrill to meet such a legend.

    1. causer-I bet. What a beautiful FACE, hope her demeanor matched it! thanks for visiting the blog-pgt

  4. Gaye, I love the "Sister" song as well, and am fortunate to have two very special sisters. So sad about the split between Joan and Olivia.

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