26 December 2013

the Annunciation, i


  American artist John Collier commissioned by St. Gabriel's Church in McKinney, Texas,2000.



  1. I LOVE this! Especially the "saddle shoes"! what a lovely juxtaposition! She is hiding in her book! What else would you do if you came home from school in your uniform; and there was an angel on your front porch!

    YIKES!!! And the lilies! How could a church in Texas possibly have decided to commission an artist to do a painting like this?

    Please!! The BACKSTORY!

    I have only been to Texas 3 times (loved it; and THEM) ; but really......?????

    Do tell!

    I LOVE IT!!! The expression on the girl's face.....is so wonderful.

  2. Hi Gaye, Hope you had a fantastic Christmas! Howard's book arrived on the 23rd and it is indeed spectacular. I'm slowly digesting each image--there is an entire world in each room. Thank you so much. xoxo



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