30 January 2014

Daisy roars

Daisy Fellowes at The Beistegui Ball in the Tiepolo Room of the Palazzo Labia, Venice

A tapestry inspired Daisy Fellowes costume for the Beistegui Ball- fashioning herself  “America, 1750.” 
She wore Christian Dior. 
Made from chiffon and satin in yellow, the gown was theatrically draped in leopard along the shoulder, bodice and front. 
The Collier Hindou adorned her neck,created by Cartier-it was reminiscent of a maharaja's jewel she had admired.

Tapestries of the Continents reached their pinnacle in the early part of the seventeenth century. 
Europe, Asia, Africa and America in the feminine form show up in paintings, frescoes, ceilings-and tapestries.

from Apollo and the Continents (America)
the Frescoes of Tiepolo, 1752-53 along the Stairwell of the Residenz, W├╝rzburg

 The Palace Labia Ball Room was plastered with scenes by Tiepolo of Cleopatra and Anthony. 
Daisy's Dior may have been paying homage to Beistegui's Tiepolos- by way of Wurzberg Palace.

Had Daisy had Jean Paul Gaultier's leopard Lesage embroidered gown to wear-things might have looked a little different.

"Everything she did was a grand entrance." Norman Norrell

Robe peau de panthere, from Gaultier Couture 1998

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  1. Stunning gorgeousness encapsulated in beading...unbelievable! I stood in the Palazzo Labia years ago, en homage to her dramatic appearance decades before! I swear I saw Bestigui on his chopines...but no, it was a guard breaking the reverie of imagination within the empty room!



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